03 September 2013

Junior News Round-Up 005

There are a couple of drama casting news bits as the full casts of the upcoming dramas for the fall season are being announced.

First up is Jesse having a supporting role in Kimura Takuya's drama Ando Lloyd ~A.I. knows LOVE?~. The character he will play is named Edokawa Tomu and works in the university research department that one of Kimutaku's characters in this drama does.

TBS OHP (Japanese only)

I would probably be more excited for this if Jesse has not had a history of getting small supporting roles where he is barely seen in the drama before. I fear this will be the same for him and wonder if getting small roles in dramas that are meant to be hits actually help him out. I think it would be better for him to get bigger parts in lower rated dramas or even get to star in one of the late night NTV dramas, even though his acting has failed to impress me. But he would hardly be the only Johnny's that did not have impressive acting skills get pushed into a lead role.


In other drama news 7WEST member Fujii Ryusei will be a regular in an upcoming drama, Miss Pilot, which stars Horikita Maki. They do not have any hiragana to show how his character's name is to be read but I believe it should be Yamada Kazuo, the Yamada of course being the obvious reading and Kazuo is what my search came up with for names for the given name.

Fuji TV OHP (Japanese only)

I am really happy for Fujii as this is a national drama on a major station which is a pretty big thing for a Kanjuu. Of course I have no idea if he is a good actor or if the part will give him any decent screen time, but he would at least make for some nice eye candy or fill an ikemen role nicely.

And of course there is always a part of me hoping for a Kanjuu debut and tying in all these little things into that being possible. And I do think getting the Kanjuu out there in national dramas and not just regional ones is a big step in that direction. And if Fujii proves to be popular he could easily fill the actor role in a group.

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