11 July 2012

TOKIO's 17 (It's actually an album!)

TOKIO has decided to finally remind fans that they do release stuff as a musical unit and announced that they will be releasing a new album. This will be their first album under J-Storm as well as their first full album since 2006, though they did have a mini album released in 2008. The new album titled, 17, will come out on August 22nd.

There will be one limited edition with a DVD then two regular editions the only difference between the two is that one comes with a DVD.

The limited edition will have all eleven A-side tracks from all of TOKIO's singles starting with Amagasa. As the title of the album indicates there will be only seventeen tracks on the album so only six new songs will be on this edition of the album. It also comes with a DVD with the PV for a new songs titled, archive.

The regular edition with DVD on the other hand will only have eight of the A-sides on the album so there will be nine new tracks on that edition. The first six being the same as the limited edition but with three other tracks exclusively for the regular edition. The DVD has footage from the recording of the album.

Then the regular edition without the DVD is pretty much the same thing, with of course no DVD.

Of course like most Johnny's acts the group will have a concert tour to go with their album release. It will be a national tour beginning August 26th and ending September 23rd. The tour is titled TOKIO Live Tour 1718.

I did some quick research and it seems that the 17 might indicate their year since debut, as that would make the 1718 make some sense. As their debut single came out on September 21st, 1994 so until September 21st, 2012 they will still be in their 17th year since debut. Of course since the final concert dates are after September 21st then it would mean crossing the date to enter their 18th year. Of course until more information is out this is my guess on what the numbers mean.

In any case I am so happy about this news. It has been way too long since their last album and the fact they had eleven A-sides for an album is pretty ridiculous. Hopefully it will not be nearly as long a wait for their next album.

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