23 July 2012

My #1 Chankapaana

The weekly sales for NEWS' comeback single, Chankapaana, are in and so is my order of the release today.

I just took a quick picture of the regular edition and the limited edition with DVD. The LE surprised me as I had no idea that it would look like that. I will be making a video to go through everything there later and should have it up on this blog tomorrow, as the LE is worth taking a good look at. 

On another note the weekly Oricon sales for the single are out, kinda-ish, as the ranking website released an article about the ranking and has the rounded number listed in it. So the single sold about 245k copies in the first week of release. This is actually pretty good as the article goes on to point out the single from the group before when they were still six members, Fighting Man, sold about 150k. So they sold almost 100k more than the single that arguably had the two most popular members of the group.

Oricon article. (Japanese)

Of course having the six editions helped quite a bit though if you wanted to have all the CDs you could just buy the two versions I did and not miss out on anything. And if you are like me and have been buying both RE and LE editions of the group's singles than it is not like you are buying any more than usual. I think the group did generate interest with their new formation and they have had a pretty strong push for the release with them appearing on many various programs to promote it.

In the end the next single release for the group will be the crucial one as that will do better in showing what fan base they actually have left. But honestly if they go back to selling about 150k per single I think they will be doing just fine. 

Expect this week to be full of stuff related to this release as I make my way through it all. 

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