26 July 2012

New Bakaleya movie cast members plus more

A couple new additions to the cast of the upcoming Bakaleya movie have been announced, Tamamori Yuta and Kojima Haruna.

Tamamori's character is named Mashima Kenji and will be the older brother to Iwamoto Hikaru's character, Mashima Kaito, who is the leader of the rival group of boys. Kenji is also an old rival of Sakuragi Tatsuya's older brother.

Kojiharu will be playing a character that will be in a love triangle with the characters of Miyata Toshiya and Takaki Yuya.

Some other plot points have been revealed about the film. The Bakada school is being renovated and the boys have to go to Catteleya for a month until it is done.

Kis-My-Ft2 LJ community entry (English)

I am not surprised to see Tamamori and Kojiharu joining the cast honestly. Both are pretty recognizable names from their respective groups and are sure to bring in fans that may not have seen the TV series. So having them there will help with filling theaters.

Though now that we have two Kis-My-Ft2 members in the movie I also would not be surprised to see that they are the Johnny's group to do the theme song for it. I also would not be surprised if AKB48 get a song tied to the movie as well and it is tied to Kojiharu.

The idea of a love triangle with Miyata's and Takaki's characters sounds pretty funny and probably means that Miyata will be more in this movie then he did during the TV series.

And I think the change in setting is to make the conflict with the new group of Catteleya girls plausible. Not to mention it opens up more scenes of the guys being out of their element with all the upper class elements the girls bring with them.

On a completely different note expect at least a couple more posts if not today but tomorrow. Not only do I have to catch up with my reviews for NEWS' single but there has been a massive shake up with the Kansai Juniors that I want to talk about.


Smurfette said...

well tbh I'm one of those people who didn't care about the drama but now I have a reason to watch its movie because there are two members of Kisumai there! XD

Thennary Nak said...

Then the plan worked, as I am sure that is exactly why they added some big names to the movie.

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