26 July 2012

NEWS - Chankapaana PV review

Finally got around to watching the DVD that came with NEWS' new single. I think after viewing it all it has made me wish that we had bonus DVDs with the PV and making of for previous singles as watching them work together gives off such a different dynamic compared to just watching them perform together or do an interview. But with things as they are for this group I do not think that is possible now.

While I usually do not mind spoilers I sometimes enjoy not getting spoiled for things. The fact that the long version of NEWS' Chankapaana PV had extended scenes at the start and finish is one of those times as I loved being surprised by them.

 We start the PV with our point-of-view character, random American girl of the 60s. From this point on I shall do the review from her POV, deal with it.

Guess this is the best thing on. What's with this Japanese group? They're called The Olds, what are they in their 30s or something? I don't like this host he tries too hard to be funny, but this group is trying too hard in general and are pretty cornball. Is this really the best thing on?

This dialogue is corny and awkward to the max and this guy in green looks way too smug for his own good. And what is with the guy in purple not even knowing simple English words like 'disco' and 'fever'?

While cute the guy in yellow is more nerves than anything and it shows.

Oh, and they are going to perform now? Sure why not. But what is Chankapaana and- hey! What just happened to the show?

Are these the same guys that were just on? What happened to the stage? Why are the sounding and moving better and smoother than before? And what's up with the skirt there guy?

Really, what is this?

The blond guy is all good with the singing and flashing me these signs, what are they for?

Purple guy seems to have fixed his issues with borrowed words and is looking so much better in the outfit he is currently in.

Ugh, why are we back to them? Give me the new hotness, do not care for these losers!

There we go, that's better. This guy is looking much better now that he does not look like he is emoting every thought in his head.

The guys are looking all kinds of cute with the pinky to cheek thing. Especially this guy, who I shall now dub Skirt Guy.

Why hello there bare stomach. Where is the six-pack that is supposed to be there? Is one of the other guys hiding it?

This is guy is pretty awkward but I think I love him for it. It is a better look than the smug from earlier.

This dance, I am warming up to it. I think I could do those hand movements, though it would be awkward to do it at a concert as I would probably whack the people around me.

Blondie is looking rather cute here. I've gotten used to the hair as well, but it helps that he isn't wearing the ridiculous hat.

My heart, I think it missed a beat. These guys are complete heartthrobs and I want to melt into a sparkly goo.
Can you not see the love on my face. I am even producing shoujo manga sparkles. If this isn't love than I have no clue what it could be.

What is with these moves? Are they worshiping Blondie? If so why is Skirt Guy covering his eyes? Is this something I have to be older to understand?

I guess I can't fault them for the Blondie worship. He is pretty, and he looks like he could be my age!

I'm pretty sure that isn't how you are supposed to hold a mic. But I guess it does look kinda cool.

Awkward Dude can look good at times too. That's nice to know he's not just some weird freak.

Really not sure what is going on with the end pose but it fits in with the rest of the dance so I am fine with that. Maybe they are trying to point to a sign or something.

What?! No! I don't want them! Where's my NEWS!

Oh, there they are. I wonder if mom is going to be mad at me for letting strangers into the house. Though I guess I really didn't let them in, more like the magically appeared out of the TV when I wasn't looking. Hm, I wonder if she would me keep them...

Sorry for anyone who wanted a real review of this PV. This kinda started half way through and I enjoyed writing it so much I decided to make it all like this. 

I just loved the PV. It is a good match for the song which is just fun. in fact watching it all it kinda makes sense they went with what they did. Sure it does not match the lyrics but it matches the music as well as the image of NEWS, who have had a clean image for some time even though they have had pervy songs before this one.

The scenes at the start and end of the PV do well with setting things up. And while I was unsure about the girl at first I actually really liked her in the PV as she does seem to be a reflection of the fans in a way.

If this is what we are getting with the new NEWS, you will not see me complaining. And I cannot wait for their next release.


Anonymous said...

I loved this song and pv too! I was never really a big NEWS fan, but I kinda felt like I wanted to root for them now. So happy that the song ended up being catchy and awesome.

Thennary Nak said...

As a fan I was hoping for something that would fit the theme of a comeback but Chankapaana is such a fun song I am okay with getting it instead.