02 July 2012

Sexy Zone wants to make you broke

Sexy Zone's next release is going to be a concert DVD/BD of their first arena concerts. It will be released on  August 15th and come in seven editions for each format, so fourteen in total.

The break down is the usual regular and limited editions and then the regular edition has five variants to it, which is a special jacket cover featuring each member of the group solo. They are all listed with coming with a poster, which I will assume will be like their past releases and be the same no matter which edition you get.

RE Cover
The content of all the regular editions is the same. It is a concert DVD/BD from the Yokohama Arena concerts they did in March.

LE Cover
The limited edition has the same concert footage of the regular edition as well as a second disc. On the second disc there is footage from SZ's very first concert at Tokyo International Forum Hall (with a run time of 55 minutes), and a documentary for the rehearsals for both concerts. Then there is also a 32 page booklet, clear jacket case and a set of six postcards.

So I think getting the LE would be the best bet for any fan of the group. I do not think I will pick up all of SZ's concert DVD/BD releases but this one I want because it is their first concerts and from having my Hey! Say! JUMP concert DVDs I know I really love having their first concert DVD to watch and compare to later concerts to see how much they have grown as a group and as performers.

Of course with this coming out in August then I guess their next single probably won't come out until sometime in fall, to give fans time to save money for that release. I guess that would make sense as it would give the group time to have more tie-ins for songs on that next single since right now all they would have is the Olympics' volleyball. But we will see when we come to that and at least SZ fans have something to look forward to until then.

I think the thing I am most excited about with this release is the fact that it will be out on Blu Ray. Which of course means I can buy it and play it in any Blu Ray device I have access to and it will play with Japan and the U.S. sharing the same region. Also because the video quality will be amazing as well and overall I am well on board the BD train. So when I can afford to pick this up I will definitely be getting the BD version. But to get everything I want in August I am going to have to wait until I have enough to just make one massive order for it.

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