31 July 2012

Beware Unofficial "Official" Sites

I know I made a post of this years ago but I do not feel like looking through hundreds of posts to find it. That and I think this is probably a good time to bring the topic up again as a reminder for fans.

Johnny's & Associates are strict about the online presence of their idols. While they have gotten better with their online presence in the past few years they have only done so in areas that they are mostly in control of the content. The only exception has been Akanishi Jin but that is because they were trying to support a career outside of Japan for him and even then they stuck to the basic social media companies like Twitter and Facebook

Not only that but the easiest way to tell if a site that is claiming to be an official site for Johnny's or any of its acts is to see if the official sites, like Johnny's net or any of the official sites for groups/acts made by their record labels, have those sites linked. If not than consider the site unofficial until proven otherwise. 

Johnny's has never and will probably never have a Tumblr account for any of their acts. In fact online blogging in general is bound to remain with their own blog system, J-Web. So for those who may be following or sharing links from heysayjumpofficial / heysayjumpnews Tumblr I ask you to stop. They are only spreading lies they made up and from past interactions have proven themselves to be racist so they are probably not the kind of person you want to be associated with in the first place.

Honestly I do not follow the Johnny's communities/blogs on Tumblr so until this came out on the Live Journal communities I was in the dark about it. But I think it is quite clear that this person does not have the best interests for Hey! Say! JUMP and the fans at heart. Like other parts of the HSJ community I implore others to please ignore this person and to not spread these rumors. It is one thing for the Japanese tabloids to make up stories, as they try to at least keep them somewhat plausible or actually have some kind of evidence, and most know that they should take those stories with a grain of salt. It is another thing for a fan to try to convince others that they have an official connection to the group and make up news, especially ones that would cause worry and concern for the fans. Also you must question to why an official site for a Johnny's group would be primarily in English and not Japanese when even the official main site for Johnny's, Johnny's net, is only in Japanese.

For those curious about more information about this please check out the endless jump LJ community post about it.

While this time it is the HSJ community that is affected by this I know they are not the first nor will be the last. Especially when it comes to groups that have attracted a large number of new fans or have fans that are young. These seem to be the greatest targets for this kind of deception because most of them are just not familiar enough with Johnny's to be able to pick up on the scam quickly. So I ask fans of all the various Johnny's to please be careful with sites or sources that claim to be official if they are not the actual official Johnny's sites.

As someone who has been a fan of Johnny's for years the fact that people are willing to spread malicious lies to fans who for various reasons may not be able to see through there deception angers me. Especially since most of the time it just looks like they are just wanting people to pay attention to them. To me fan communities should be places that you should be able to find joy in by finding fans of the group(s) you love and this kind of behavior sours the atmosphere of the whole fan community.

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