17 July 2012

Johnny's Dome Theater ~SUMMARY~ Junior shows!

It has been announced that there have been four extra shows of the Johnny's Dome Theater ~SUMMARY~ concerts at Tokyo Dome City Hall but they will not feature either Sexy Zone or A.B.C-Z. Instead they will feature two groups of Juniors, one group for the afternoon shows and the other for the evening shows.

The group for the evening shows will the Uchi Hiroki w/Question? while the afternoon shows will feature the Bakaleya6, Morimoto Shintaro, Matsumura Hokuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Lewis Jesse, Tanaka Juri and Kouchi Yuugo. Of course the concerts will have other Juniors but these are the ones actually listed by name.

Kyomoto Taiga LJ comm entry. (English)

I am so excited about this news. Well not so much about Uchi though I am happy for Question? but as they have done solo concerts already I cannot help but think this is just another extension of that. But the Bakaleya6 already headlining concerts, even if it is just a couple, seems like such a major thing.

I have been thinking that these SUMMARY concerts would be where we would finally get a group name for them, as I do not see them being broken up anytime soon as their movie has yet to come out. That first SUMMARY after Hey! Say! JUMP debuted gave us A.B.C-Z so I think it would make sense that this one could give us the official announcement for this group. But I know a lot of this is my fangirl self wishing for this to be reality. But this announcement has given me renewed hope.

I mean it would look awkward to have all those names listed as headliners so it would be nice to have them under a group name. Also concerts are where groups can get a good amount of press coverage so having the Bakaleya6 highlighted as a new group would not only draw a good amount of attention but would be great publicity for these newly announced concerts.

If the group not only got a name but also their own group song I would be on cloud nine for probably the rest of the year. As I have stated many times the Bakaleya6 are like a Junior dream group for me. Sure there are some Juniors I wish could also be a part but I can find myself being content with the six that make the group be the only members as well. And the Bakaleya6 show a lot of promise for being future top idols if Johnny's keeps playing their cards right with them. Making them an official group together would be one such move IMHO.

In the end it will have to be a wait and see kind of thing. SUMMARY will not begin until next month and then it will be almost a month after that these concerts will take place. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears out for any information about it though and wish that I could be there.


Anonymous said...

your self wishing is my wish too....
i'll be happy if this dream comes true ^^

Anonymous said...

Like I already posted on Kyomoto's LJ Fansite, this really is awesome news.

I really want to believe B6 will be an official group soon. ^_^

Thennary Nak said...

@ riyelalivia

I'm sure there are plenty who would be just as happy.

@ sanaeozora

Me too. It would just make so much sense to me. Waiting for news about these concerts is going to be painstaking.