27 January 2012

The winds of change blow softly and slowly.

First off, thank you to everyone who voted on the poll and especially those who left comments. It has helped me figure out what I want to do and how I want to go about it.

For the short term the only change is that I will be adding ex-Johnny's (which pretty much will be the Yamashita brothers, Shoon and Leon, as they're the only ones I follow) to the list of who I will be blogging about. I will start with an introductory for them for those unfamiliar with the two and their past with Johnny's before I move on to following them like I do the Johnny's I follow. I am hoping to have that done in the next week or so.

The long term goal is to make this a general idol blog but it probably will not happen in the near future. I would like to do a project to introduce non-Johnny's related idols to the blog but that will have to wait until I am done with my current project, History of Johnny's, and the project I plan on doing after that, the PV reviews of the PVs I have on the Johnny's releases I own that have them on bonus DVDs. As it stands there are at least three more weeks for History of Johnny's, unless Sexy Zone and/or A.B.C-Z get their own section(s) on Johnny's net. And the PV reviews will most likely take up about half a year if I keep the same schedule of one every Saturday. So it will be some time before I get to that project and until I do an introduction post I won't follow a group with this blog so there is a good half a year before I start bringing in non-Johnny's related idols to the blog.

And the main reasons I am going with this is partly because with me cutting back on the Johnny's I will try to actively follow I will not have as much to post about and I want to keep this blog as active as possible. The other is that I feel it will be easier to have the one blog for idols as I have come to follow them in general more than before and I feel having it all in one place just makes sense for me.

So I'm sorry for those who did not want to see a change, but there just was no way things could stay the same. And I hope you still keep reading the blog, no matter what it will remain Johnny's-centric and I have no issue if people skip reading posts. I honestly do not expect everyone to read everything even as a Johnny's only blog. And as I explained it will be a while before the big changes will be made anyway and I will try to ease into things as much as possible.

Again thank you to everyone who voted and left comments. It was very helpful to me and I really appreciate it.

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