08 January 2012

NYC - Wonderful Cupid PV review

I finally got my hands on a video of the PV for this song to do a review of. Though the more I look at it the more I realize there is actually very little to review.

And for some reason the yellow becomes green for this PV.

I think the worst thing about Wonderful Cupid, for both the song itself and the PV, is that it is just too simple. I mean Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star sounds like a more complex tune than Wonderful Cupid and is only beat in the fact that WC (a perfect abbreviation for such a flushable tune) runs on for 2 1/2 minutes longer than it should. Honestly they just needed to do something with the song's melody to change it up a bit more and it would have been so much better. The monotonous feeling of this song just makes it feel like it's dragging on and trying to bore you into a stupor instead of sing you to sleep.

The PV is okay. It fits the song, for better or worse, but does not seem to try to much else.

Let's see what Yamada did on his summer vacation.
While I do not mind these scenes it feels like we get too many of them as nothing much is happening. I do rather like the outfits the boys are in.

Yamada wishing he was in any other book than this.
I do actually like how you have the song lyrics as the book's text. Though the fact that all the kanji has furigana is a rather big indication on the ages this release is most likely aimed for, pre-teens. 

I really do not care for how light Nakayama Yuma's hair color is. But part of it could be more from how light the PV in general is and it might look better if set against something that would contrast with it.

Random white girl walking fake dog.
I do think it is interesting that they actually have a real girl in a PV. I get the feeling though it is not a Japanese girl to try to make her "safe" for NYC fans. Like they do not have to worry so much that there is a girl with the boys because there is a good chance she is foreign and will never see them again after this unlike a Japanese girl who could end up working with them again. Of course I do not agree with that line of thinking but I have seen enough reactions from younger fans when there are dating rumors to understand the logic behind something like that.

Yamada showing the others his ingenious plan to get out of the PV, walk out.
This was a cute moment and the PV would probably would have been much better if it had more of these.

And this is pretty much the climax of the entire PV...
The "walking" in these book scenes is hilariously bad. I do not think they are fooling anyone when they are walking in place in front of a green screen. I think the reason this single does not have a version with the PV and making of is because of how boring the making of would be.

Yuma, where did you get your animals for your pet store? That hamster  is bigger than the cat.
You know it is sad when swaying pretty much ends up being the "dance" for a song.

Even though he's smiling I can't help but feel his eyes are screaming "Save me!"
And I really have nothing to say at this point as my brain kept thinking of anything else than this song and PV so it could keep itself awake. Though I do wonder how the boys felt about this song and PV. I mean they must be getting to the point where they would want to do something else with NYC than sing songs like this.

And now let us never speak of this again.
And we thankfully get the end. And honestly I tend to like NYC songs but this has to easily be the worst song they're released and that is including B-sides. If not for the fact Yuma has his solo song on this single I would have been tempted not to buy a copy. And I really wish Yuma had a PV for his song as it probably would have been better than this.


Chris said...

I hate this song, it´s so boring that I feel like falling asleep immediately. Finally I encouraged myself to watch the PV and sadly it´s boring as the song itself.
This is like the worst release of NYC ever, Yume Tamago was really "good" compared to that.

Yuma´s solo song is really nice but the management did the mistake to promote Wonderful Cupid instead of Garasu no Mahou.
No wonder that the oricon sales look damn bad.
I just feel bad for the already 18 year old boys that they have to sing and perform a song like that. :/

Misa said...

Ahhh, I hate seeing the girl with Yamada (T____T) It makes me so jealous, even though she isn´t Japanese!!!
The song and PV are so childish, I´m so glad that YC release cool singles with JUMP .
I hope Johnny will stop releasing NYC singles soon because they are too childish and embarrassing (>o<)

Jackie said...

Is Yuma´s solo not a A-side single?
But why is there no PV or any other kind of promotion?
3years ago, Akuma na Koi and NYC both had their PV´s and they performed both on TV. Why is it not with GarasunoMaho?
It´s really sad because in my opinion, Yuma´s song is million times better than Wonderful Cupid.
NYC´s song is such a big disappointment, I wonder why JE let release NYC songs like this one. The first time I heard it, I knew that it wouldn´t become a success but that it would become THAT bad on oricon, I didn´t expect that.
After this low-sale disaster, will there be a next NYC single? Yuma should simply go solo now, he won´t become any more popular if he´ll stay with NYC. Of course I don´t mean Yamada and Chinen but NYC´s image and songs.

Anonymous said...

". I think the reason this single does not have a version with the PV and making of is because of how boring the making of would be."

LOL Well said! I couldn´t stand watching a making of of THAT song and THAT PV #_#
Man this is so bad, I even don´t know what to say.
After couple of seconds listening to the song, I stopped. Can´t even remember when I stopped listening to a song that quickly lol
I just watched The shounen club.
Oh seriously, the dance! LOL the dance is .......well, I was shocked to see that.
Meh, it´s just waste of talent, specially for Ryosuke and Yuma.
Johnny, is he that old already to not notice how bad the song choice was? Or did he even like WonderfulCupid? LOL
NYC in magazines always saying how cute the song is and always have to say nice stuff about it, but backstage the 3 must be talking about how much they hate this song lol Boys of the age of 18, man this must really be embarrassing.
Gosh, I´m so happy that Ryosuke and Yuri are in HSJ. For Yuma, he´s really talented but people outside JE fandom don´t know that he can do much more than this. They just see Yuma who´s singing childish songs. Pitty for him

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

To be honest they have barely promoted either. I mean they performed Yuuki 100% and NYC on Kouhaku and they have not been on any of the usual music programs, if mostly because the schedules for them are thrown out of whack for the holidays.

@ Misa

They either need to quit with NYC or actually let them begin to have their style mature, IMHO. I think they would be fine if they could move on to be more like Tegomass but with this single I feel Johnny's isn't going to let them do that.

@ Jackie

I wish I knew as I would much rather have a PV for his song than this one.

I think Johnny's needs to get Yuma into some dramas again so he can be in a better position to go solo. But I would not be surprised if that was the long term plan as I can't see NYC sticking around much longer now that Sexy Zone has debuted so they can start pushing all the cute songs on them now.

@ Anonymous

I would like to know who picked this song, as they should never be allowed to do so again. I've liked what NYC has released in the past even if they were more on the cute side of things but this song and PV just cross the line and do so in the most mind numbing way possible.

I keep hoping that Yuma will start getting more drama work soon. I think that's his strong point and he needs to start acting again before people forget him as an actor and only remember him for this group.

Chiima said...

I really, really did not like this song or video! I am all for simplicity, but... oh man, this is too simple!!! I wanted to kick them along when they were walking, it was... torture Dx

I've only watched this once, and I won't watch it again... unless I end up being forced to Dx and I was just starting to like NYC :( they killed it for me XD

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the few who like this song ^^ The PV is indeed boring but after watching NYC performed on SC, I suddenly like it <3 Although NYC are in their late teens, what's wrong with singing songs like this? Some girls in AKB (like Mariko who is 26) still sing cute songs in school uniforms

Karina said...

Your screencap "Even though he's smiling I can't help but feel his eyes are screaming "Save me!"

That is what I was thinking all the time when I see their PV or performance. Well all boys give their best to smile etc but especially when I see Yamada´s eyes , you can see that he definitely doesn´t likes what he´s doing there, that he´s suffering.
"Save me!" , yes that would be the best to describe it.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chiima

I don't mind simple but as you said this was just all too simple.

Well at least there's still the upcoming Hey! Say! JUMP single we can look forward to.

@ Anonymous #2

It's not so much that the song is cute but how dreadfully simple it is. It feels like one of those songs they put on children's programs because they don't think a child can appreciate anything more complex.

I mean I am one of the few that like Magic Power so I do feel like I know where you are coming from but I just can't get myself to like this song at all.

@ Karina

It would be one thing if the boys selected the song themselves at least but I think it's apparent they really had no say. And I can't blame them for not enjoying performing this song as it seems to overly simply compared to everything they've done before.