02 January 2012

Hey! Say! JUMP concert announcements

There were a few announcements at Hey! Say! JUMP's concerts today which included tours and a new single. First off they will be having their first Asia tour starting this spring. They plan on touring Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand. They will have concerts in Japan as well, at the Yokohama Arena for a straight week with 27 concerts in total currently scheduled for the Asia tour.

Also they confirmed that the song Super Delicate, the theme song for Yamada Ryosuke's drama Risou no Musuko, will be released as a single in February. No exact date was announced but I'm going to assume it will be either the 22nd or 29th which are the last two weeks of February.

Also Yabu Kota announced that he will be going to Waseda University this Spring as he passed the entrance exam. So congrats to him.

This is coming from fans and not official confirmation yet, but I will assume in the next day or so we'll have all the news articles to validate it.

Okay, the news articles are out and it all is verified. Fuji TV News 24 article. (Japanese)

I Just realized though with this single it could mean they can release an album before their tour as they will have enough single for one. I really hope they do as a Johnny's group they are woefully behind on how many albums they should have coming up on five years since their debut.

Also I broke down and found a concert rip of the new song, Super Delicate, and those worrying that they are going back to a cutesy image after Magic Power can relax. Super Delicate sounds more in line with their "cool" songs from what I could hear, but I think it'll be easier to tell once the drama starts airing and there is a much better quality version to listen to.


Jackie said...

Now that Yamada and Chinen and Yuto are 18, they finally are able to go abroad. But I never imagined the Asia tour to come that fast.
I´m happy for that announcement but since I don´t live in Asia I can´t get too excited about it.
HSJ have many fans in Asia I think, so the tour must become a great success. And Yamada must be excited to be able to perform in Korea :)

I´m proud of Yabu. Waseda is an elite university and that he was able to pass the test even though he must have been busy, it´s impressive.
I wish many other idols would attend college or university but I can understand that it must be really hard if you have to manage studies and work together.
Chinen seems to be really good in school but I wonder if he will go to university after graduation.

Thennary Nak said...

I was surprised with how quickly myself, but I guess with Johnny's expanding outside of Japan, even by a little bit, I think it will be more common to see groups at least doing more Asia tours.

I do expect some of the younger members to attend university. I know Keito has been speaking about going but I wonder if they will wait until they graduate from high school first before they make announcements about them getting into universities.