12 January 2012

A Super Delicate Wonderland Train Thrill!

Before I knew that I would have the NYC/Nakayama Yuma single to review yesterday for a blog post I had been thinking of making a post about what I would want to see from the new Hey! Say! JUMP single. On the top of the list would be that the B-sides have at least one of HSJ's older concert songs on them, because they just have so many and the past couple of singles have had them on them so I felt there would be a good chance so would this single. My top choices of course being the one song I have wanted on a CD for about four years, Hey! Say! BEST's Su Ri Ru and to match the age of that song Hey! Say! 7's Wonderland Train, though I would have been just as happy with Brave Story for them.

This morning I woke up then did my usual first thing in the morning rituals that help wake me up, which includes checking e-mail, and found the CDJapan notification that Super Delicate was up for pre-order. First happy surprise that that it was coming out on February 22nd, which means less time to wait for it to come out, the second was that the HSB and HS7 songs (one on each of the two LE editions) on this release would be Su Ri Ru and Wonderland Train. Then seeing the DVD for the second LE will have video clips for Su Ri Ru and Wonderland Train. And of course while it may not be as surprising the fact that the regular edition comes with two B-sides not on the limited editions, one track being titled JUMP Around the World!!! and the other still untitled. I can see JUMP Around the World!!! being the theme song for their upcoming Asia concert tour and while having older songs finally released on CD it is nice to have new songs to look forward to as well.

Honestly looking at all that I immediately made my pre-order so now all I have to do is wait for the release. But I honestly doubt this single is going to disappoint if just because of Su Ri Ru and Wonderland Train, as I have wanting them on CD since I heard them with HSJ's debut concert DVD. And I think I need to keep silently hoping for an album to be released for the upcoming concert tour and maybe that will come true as well.


Ani2 said...

I´ve listened to a preview of SUPER DELICATE and absolutely love it. I´m relieved Jump went back to mature sound and not something like Magic Power again, which wasn´t that bad but I prefer mature songs for Jump.
I´ll place my order soon too :)

Thennary Nak said...

Even though I like cute songs and was fine with Magic Power, I am also glad for them to be moving back to a more mature sound. They are all 18 and over now so it is time they move to a more mature sound and let younger groups take over the cute songs.