15 January 2012

Johnny's Best Selling Artist of All Time 2011

With Music Station's return they aired the lists of the best selling artists of all time from the sales up to the end of the previous year, 2011. It probably is no surprise to see Johnny's doing well in the group category and even getting on the male solo list.

01. SMAP - 32,730,000
02. KinKi Kids - 25,210,000
04. Arashi - 21,590,000
10. Hikaru GENJI - 12,220,000
11. V6 - 12,210,000
16. KAT-TUN - 8,450,000

Male Solo
17. Masahiko Kondo - 12,670,000

I don't think it's surprising to see SMAP at the top of the list if just for the fact that their career has lasted so long and they were around during the peak of CD sales. It looks like in a few years Arashi could possibly be able to surpass Kinki Kids, though they will still have a long way to go to beat SMAP.

It is rather interesting to see that Matchy is the only soloist on the list. I cannot help but wonder if any of the recently debuted soloists will ever be able to make this list.


Anonymous said...

Yamashita or Jin, for me they are not the same as Matchy, they never can´t become like him.
Matchy is a real artist for me, someone I really respect.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Toshi-chan also on the solo list?

Chris said...

Isn´t it a bit too early to say if Jin or Yamapi or any other Johnny´s idol can become as great as Matchy? because they are much younger than Matchy and with the years, everything can develop or change.
Look at K8 for example, I would never believe that they would become that popular as they´re now years ago.

Even though Arashi is on 4th place, I could imagine that they´ll catch up with Kinki Kids and Smap in some years. I mean Arashi is selling greatly now!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #1

Of course they can't be the same as Matchy, but I don't think that will cancel any chance either might have for selling well enough to join him on that list. Though I would expect that to be difficult to do as CDs don't sell as much as they used to.

@ Anonymous #2

Yes, but I didn't list him as he is no longer with Johnny's, which is also why Go Hiromi wasn't listed as well even though he was with J&A for the start of his career.

@ Chris

Perhaps, but I don't think it is something that can't be pondered. And honestly I understand both have a long way to go before coming anywhere near Matchy, but it is an idea that crossed my mind when looking at the list.

I'm sure Arashi will catch up in a few years as well if they keep selling as well as they have.