21 January 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 Bringing In the Green This Spring

It has been announced that this spring Kis-My-Ft2 will not only be releasing their 3rd single but also their 1st album. Also they will be having a concert tour to promote the album that begins in early April and goes through to early June.

Avex official announcement. (Japanese)

I honestly thought I read things wrong when I saw this announcement. I had been hoping for a new single for the spring from Kisumai but never would have I dreamed of their debut album being released so soon. And from the concert tour dates it looks like the releases will either be in March or April. March, because it would make sense to release the album before the tour as it is to support the release after all, but April could be possible as well as they concert dates for April are only for the first half of the month so there would be time to do promotions for a new release between those dates and the next set of concert dates in May.

In any case I feel like I've gone back about a year and have found out about Kisumai debuting. While they have been debuted for a while now and even have their own section on the official Johnny's websites the fact they will have an album finally just really cements everything. That and albums typically are more "fair" when it comes to groups, even though I'm sure KiFt will still get more of a focus on the album I have faith that s-My-2 will get some chances to finally shine. Though if they have some of their Junior songs on this album then it would be perfect for me, but I guess we will still have to wait a month or so before that kind of information will come out.

It'll be pretty draining to have both album and single to buy in the next few months, and I'm curious if they will release them both on the same day or not. But overall I am just so happy that Kisumai is going to be able to hit this milestone in their careers so soon.

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