18 March 2011

NYC gives Japan 100% Courage

As most have probably noticed I normally don't share videos on this blog but today I'm making the exception. This is just a stream anyway and I didn't put it up so I can only hope it stays up long enough for people to see.

But NYC performed on Music Station, and instead of doing the the Yuuki 100% - Yumetamago medley they were originally slated to perform they just performed Yuuki 100%.

I was touched watching them perform as I know they were trying to give those affected by the current disaster some hope and smiles. As well as the fact that the stage was so bare and they were wearing simple clothes with no back dancers. And even though they put on smiles you could see their sadness show through.

I think it stands well as a reminder for us that aren't in Japan how the current situation is affecting everyone there. We are lucky that if we don't want to think about it we don't have to but for them you can't really forget what's going on as it's all around you. That kind of environment must be so stressful for everyone and I can't help but feel proud of those boys for doing what they can do and try to raise the spirits of the nation.

The return of programs on Music Station is also a sign of the beginning to the return of normalcy and they help give people a way to escape from the anxiety living in such a situation can cause. Of course you can easily tell things aren't all like they were before, the bare stage is most likely because of the studio wanting to conserve energy than anything else. But it's a start and hopefully things will continue to calm done instead of escalate for the people of Japan and they can rise from the ashes as they have done countless times before.


Ani2 said...

My feelings were mixed: I was really glad to see NYC again but then everything made me so sad too. The whole studio was dark ( as expected when saving energy), pale costumes and NYC themselves.. they looked so sad and tired. I was really close to tears while watching them. You could see how there are surely so many difficulties and worries going on, but they tried their best to send people a message of "Yuuki 100%", of encouragement.
I´m proud of those young boys!

Elina said...

No viewers, no applause, no big lightening but inbetween NYC singing an encouraging song for the people in Japan. Yes, I also felt really touched because seeing those boy´s faces being sad, while they always performed all smiley before, I imagine how hard it was for them to perform in such a situation. But they did great! Somehow the whole lyrics got such a more deeper meaning today.
How much only this performance and the whole bad situation in Japan changed my opinion of this song...

I feel glad because Music Station was aired today. It gave me and surely people in Japan a little feeling of normality and hopefully made the japanese people a bit more happy.
It will take a long time until Japan can recover, but today´s Mstation was for me a little step to recovery.

Anonymous said...

So many people are suffering and those boys themselves are having so difficult times too but they sang this song for all people.
I was really moved by that.
I wish the people in Japan received their message. They sang each word with so much feelings. Chinen, Nakayama, Yamada.. Thank you NYC !!

I wonder if JE will make a project and release a charity CD again , as they did with J-friends for the victims in Kobe??

Also, I just read japanese newspaper "Sports Nikkan" and yesterday on the 19th Takki and Tsubasa together with Nakayama Yuma were driving with a Johnnys truck to a damaged town in Iwate and were unloading goods from the truck to the people there.
I was really touched when I read that. I like Nakayama, he seems like a really kind boy.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

While sobering I find the performance also uplifting in seeing them try so hard. It's performances like this that really inspire me to keep doing my best no matter what so I hope the rest of Japan feels the same way.

@ Elina

I agree, keeping Msta going even during trying times may seem odd to some but I think when you have a program as popular as it keeping on air is better. Having it air, even as barebones as it was at least gives hope that not everything is in disarray and things can keep going.

I watched the other performances and it was strange to see the stage exactly the same for everyone but I think all the artists really did their best to perform to give people comfort and hope.

@ Anonymous

There are plenty of rumors that Johnny's will do another J-Friends type project but I think like with the original it may be a while before everything gets decided on. It's being reported that it should take about 5 years to rebuild in that area so I think if they do a charity project, as with J-Friends, it will be something aiming for the longer reach.

In the end it seems they just helped load the trucks but I think that's great of him too as every little bit helps.