29 March 2011

Marching J announced

The first details for the Johnny's charity project has been announced. Everything for this project will be done under the name Marching J and will involve all the talents in the Johnny's agency.

They have announced that the first event for Marching J will be a three day fundraising event at Yoyogi National Gym from April 1-3. Everyone is supposed to make an appearance at the event at some point but hope to have about ten talents there as the main hosts of the event that will be their all three days. Johnny's says there will be about 100 members involved with this event as they will be having the Juniors participate as well.

There is also a charity baseball game scheduled for May 29th that will mainly involve the Juniors that will be a part of this program.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)


Jackie said...

I´ve just read your post and the one on Tokyograph and it sounds sooooo amazing !
So it´s called Marching J.. I´m really glad that all Johnnys are participating as well as Juniors. Can´t wait for more activities of them.

And what also makes me excited is the baseball tournament in May with mainly Johnnys Jr. !!
Hopefully there will be some video clips shown on jap.TV about it. I hope Kis-my-ft2 will still participate there and I don´t know if Yuma is still considered a Junior, but I hope NYC will participate too.

I totally support Johnnys and their charity work.
Thanks for sharing those exciting news!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I love my boys XDDD

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, many fans will def come to see them and also to do their part for japan recovery. i wish i could have gone.

Ani2 said...

I agree with everyone, it sounds so exciting! I hope the news will report more in detail soon about the April event.
And I would have wished that on May 29 not only the Juniors would play baseball but also some seniors too. Like the Johnnys Sportsday 2009 seemed to be quite fun !
But Yamapi can´t attend as well as HSJ and Yuma with Kanjsai Jr, who are all busy on that day with concerts.

I think we can expect a charity CD soon, which I´m most looking forward to

Elina said...

I could say it again and again: I love Johnny´s !!!!!!
And this Marching J projekt is a really historial event since this is the first time that all Johnnys gather together, from Matchy to the Juniors.
Hope for the CD release!

Anonymous said...

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