16 February 2013

Kis-My-Wallet Good-Bye

Kis-My-Ft2 must be hoping their fans have deep wallets as on March 27th they will not only be releasing their next single, but their next album and a short movie. This is so they can try to reach number one on each of Oricon's weekly charts, the single CD, the album CD and the DVD. Or pretty want to do what KAT-TUN did with their debut releases but since their DVD will be a movie and not a music video they can claim overall number one on that chart and not just the music DVD chart that KAT-TUN did, IIRC.

For the single it will have the usual three editions. It is another double A-side with one of the A-sides, Ki-Su-U-Ma-I -Kiss Your Mind- being a CM tie-in with Watering Kissmint like SHE! HER! HER! was. The other A-side is titled S.O.S. (Smile On Smile). Both songs will NOT be on the album.

The first LE version of the single will just have the two A-side tracks for the CD and for the DVD it will have the PV for Ki-Su-U-Ma-I -Kiss Your Mind- and the making of footage for it.

The second LE version is just like the first except for the DVD content as it has the PV for S.O.S. (Smile On Smile) and the making of for that song.

The RE has both A-side songs on the CD as well as a B-side track, keep on smile, the new theme song for the variety program Moshimo Tours. The first press edition of the RE will come with a special booklet that will be randomly selected to be one of two types.

The album will also come in three versions much like their first album did. Two LE editions, one with a DVD the other with a bonus CD, then the usual RE. Their single A-sides WANNA BEEE!!!!, Shake It Up, Ai no Beat -album ver.-, Unmei Girl and My Resistance. There will be eight more new songs on each album to make it 13 tracks in all. The album title still has yet to be announced.

The first LE for the album will have the thirteen tracks on the CD then have a DVD that will be a Kis-My-Ft2 History - 2nd step, which will go over everything the group has done since the release of their first album.

The second LE is the same for the first CD as the first LE. It comes with a bonus second CD though which will be another Kis-My-Zero disc. There will be nine more songs from their pre-debut days being released on CD with this one.

The songs on the Kis-My-Zero3 Disc are:
3. Kaizoku
4. Think u x. (Fujigaya Taisuke solo)
5. Brand New Season
6. ROCK U (Kitayama Hiromitsu solo)
7. My Love
8. Rocking Party (Kitayama, Fujigaya and Tamamori Yuta only)
9. Kis-My-LAND

The RE will not only have the thirteen songs that the LEs have but also two bonus tracks not on the LEs for a total of fifteen songs.

Then there is the short movie that will be released on DVD. It comes in two versions, a LE and a RE. The title of the movie is Yoshio - New Member- and is about a new member joining the group.

The LE will come with a bonus CD that will have the theme song for the movie. I can only assume the song will not be on the album.

Yoshio -New Member- [Limited Edition / Jacket A] / Kis-My-Ft2

The RE will simply just have a photo booklet.

Yoshio -New Member- [Regular Edition / Jacket B] / Kis-My-Ft2

They have also announced a national tour that will kick off in May of this year and go through August. The tour dates and locations are as follows:

5/3-6 Osaka-Jo Hall
6/30 Miyazaki Sekisuhaimu Super Arena
7/20-21 Hiroshima Green Arena
7/27-28 Yokohama Arena
8/10-11 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
8/24-25 Marine Messe Fukuoka

Looking at everything I am not surprised Fujigaya looked so tired on this month's Shounen Club episodes. I can only imagine Tamamori being as tired if not more as he is the one currently filming a drama as the lead. So between drama work, variety programs, filming the short movie and going into the recording studio for all the new songs everyone must be rather busy. Thankfully the tour will not start until May so they can wait to focus on practicing for it after the promotions for all these releases.

I know I will be doing my part in helping the group reach all three number ones by pre-ordering one of each, the RE for the single, the LE w/CD for the album and the LE for the movie. If finances allow a little later on I hope to pick up the RE for the album because when it comes to music tracks I want to have them all for my favorite groups.

I am really happy with the Kis-My-Zero3 track listing as Brand New Season and Kaizoku have been two of my favorite pre-debut songs since the group first performed them. So I am really excited for this release because of that.

With this Kis-My-Zero disc the only remaining pre-debut songs that are left to my knowledge are Ready?, Kis-My-Calling, Maria (Fujigaya solo), Chikara (Kitayama solo), TSong1 - Can Try (Tamamori solo) and EXIT (Senga Kento solo). So they could easy get the remaining tracks on one more CD. My only worry would be if they would bother with Senga's solo as he is not one of the front three. But if they release this with the next album perhaps by then he would have gotten enough pushing to not make it surprising if he had a solo song, as he and Miyata Toshiya have been getting some decent pushing with getting acting gigs on dramas and such.

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