12 February 2013

Kis-My-BUSAIKU 18.08.2012 episode review

As requested by a reader I have decided to do reviews of the Kis-My-BUSAIKU specials that ran last year and have returned to air this year. There will be five episodes in total and it is my plan to review an episode every Monday, hopefully so that there will not be any breaks as I wait for the next episode to air.

Kis-My-BUSAIKU was a special program for Fuji TV that originally had two episodes that aired in 2012. The basis of the program was that even though Kis-My-Ft2 is a Johnny's group they have a reputation for being busaiku (unattractive). So this special is for Kisumai to try to prove that wrong.

We start off the episode with the members of the group all being called in for a meeting. They have not been told of the show yet so they are surprised to hear they will be getting one. Any joy they had is taken away when they are shown that the search terms, "Kisumai" and "Busaiku", together get about 250,000 hits.

So with the guys knowing what they will be getting into and having prepared their videos to try to prove that they are not busaiku we start the show. The set looks amazing and it would be a complete pity for them not to have made more episodes later if just so they could use it again.

Each episode is given a guest, someone who used to be known as busaiku for the guys to learn from. For the first episode the guest is Yashima Norito.

The first topic that they show the videos for is for taking a shower in a cool way. Each video the guys had full control of how it turned out as they got to pick the theme, the music, the camera angles, etc. They then had 100 women who were not Kisumai fans watch the videos and vote and rank the videos from cool to busaiku.

For the ranking reveal it starts with third place and then works their way up to first from there. Tamamori Yuta is the one to rank third and the first to be relieved that he escaped being labeled busaiku. They review the video immediately, showing some of the comments given by the women voting.

The ranking for second went to Senga Kento and first to Fujigaya Taisuke. What I found interesting was that all the comments for Tamamori and Fujigaya were about how they looked while with Senga is was all about his emotions as he had chosen his theme to be a shower after getting dumped by a girlfriend.

Before they move to reveal the rest of the ranking they talk a bit about why the top three probably got the ranking they did. Fujigaya was definitely feeling goo at being placed at number one and Yokoo commented about never seeing him so happy before.

After the top three were revealed we get the rest revealed one at a time. The comments shown though are now not what voters liked but rather what they disliked. Fourth went to Nikaido Takashi then fifth was Yokoo Wataru.

With the final two left Yashima points out that Kitayama Hiromitsu has been oddly quiet and he admits that thinking back on it he can thinks there are things he chose to do for the video that would have not been received well.

He ends up having every right to be worried as Miyata Toshiya gets ranked sixth which leaves him to rank last at seventh. His reaction cannot be beat as he leaps over the top of the couch when it is obvious that he placed last.

The next video is kissing a girl, with the rule being that the girl will first say no and they have to find a way to get in a kiss after that. Kitayama does much better this time around ranking third.

Fujigaya and Tamamori round out second and first respectively and then the other four are stuck hoping that they do not end up ranking last. Yokoo manages to rank fourth with Senga in fifth. Miyata ends up ranking sixth again. He gets ribbed for a weird hand movement that he does when he pulls in for a kiss that makes it look like he is going to punch something and they watch his a second time to catch it.

This of course means that Nikaido came in last. I have to feel bad for him as he seems to take his low ranking pretty hard.

Yashima then shares some words or wisdom/encouragement by telling them that if they want to be noticed that they need to make sure they stand out, and that those that stand out tend to attract people.

Yashima then has to pick the most busaiku member from the videos he saw. He ends up picking Nikaido and with that the episode is done.

I am not sure if my review does the episode justice as it is hilarious. Not only because some of the decisions the guys make are just bizarre, but also because you have the group there to laugh with it all.

Thankfully there are some subs out there for this episode. They may not be the best but for the most part they seem to get the general meaning of things across for as far as I can tell. So I would highly recommend watching this for not only Kisumai fans but just anyone in general. I do not think you need to know much about the group to enjoy this.

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I hope there will be more of these special episodes to come because they are fantastic!!! thanks for the review!!!