19 February 2013

Kis-My-BUSAIKU 01.09.2012 episode review

I thought I was going to have more time this weekend than I did so I fell behind a bit with reviews. I guess it is lucky that I do not have anything scheduled for Tuesday so it can be my make up day for this.

This episode aired on September 1st, 2012 and was the final episode for the first set of episodes for the program that they did.

They start off with a recap to go over the concept of the program then go over some of the results of the first special, such as Nikaido Takashi being called the most busaiku from the first episode.

They then introduce the episode's guest, Amano Hiroyuki. He seems to be one of the many comedians that are the usual guests/regulars on Japanese variety programs. They talk to him about the show's concept and he brings up how being busaiku and Johnny's are not things that one thinks that should go together.

He also brings up that two members of the group had private dressing rooms and the other five were stuck in the same dressing room together. We learn that those that ranked the highest got the private dressing rooms, which in this case were Tamamori Yuta and Fujigaya Taisuke. Those two also got fancy bento while the others were given salt rice balls to eat. This establishes that the guys get more than their rankings on how well they do.

The first challenge they did was a cool way to invite a girl to your place, with the added challenge that the girl will at first refuse.

Senga Kento is off to a good start by ranking 3rd in this. He is of course over the moon about this seeing as he had ranked low in the last episode.

Tamamori and Fujigaya round out the top ranks, which makes Fujigaya feel rather smug as he has always ranked in the top three so far and was voted number one twice.

They seem to have made a little tweak with the rankings with fourth place being considered okay so they get to see some positive comments as well as the negative comments. Yokoo Wataru is the one to get this place for his. Though honestly I am rather surprised with that as his was not very good, especially with his weird facial expressions that he does for it.

But then again Kitayama Hiromitsu's is the more awkward one with its flow so I can see why it ranked lower. But he looks so happy with his fifth place ranking it almost makes up for it.

This left Miyata Toshiya and Nikaido to see who ended up last. Miyata was steady at sixth in the last episode but he failed to be that lucky this time. Though both were terrible and I have to wonder how Nikaido could not see how he went wrong with his.

Miyata's is hilarious with how over the top it was. It could work if it was a scene in an anime/manga or drama series maybe but fails outside of that. Especially with the throwing the umbrella in the air.

Apparently Miyata is so embarrassed that he starts sweating heavily when they spend some time talking about his video.

He is saved as they move to the next category. The setting is at an office where they have been secretly seeing another employee and decide to sneak a kiss at work after the boss leaves. And no one looks like they look forward to this one.

Fujigaya is feeling rather confident and even brags about writing a script for this one.

Tamamori continues to do well with these and comes in third. He seems to have a natural cuteness that the voters enjoy.

To the shock of all Miyata ends up ranking second in this. He is ecstatic about it as I doubt he thought he would rank so high but I think keeping things simple for this one helped him a lot.

Kitayama ranks in first which of course means Fujigaya finally is out of the top three and will have to see some of the negative comments about him as he ranks in fourth.

Yokoo continues to hang around the middle of the ranking as he gets fifth and around this time it is evident that Senga has no faith in doing well for this category as he pleaded so much for fifth and got very quiet after that as it meant he would be ranking sixth or seventh for the first time.

Nikaido got sixth which lands Senga at seventh. Not sure if that would be the place I would have them at as Nikaido's is terrible. He tries to be tsundere (harsh sometimes but loving sometimes) but it comes off strange and unnatural instead.

Miyata high off his second place is very talkative and more than willing to give advice about were Nikaido went wrong.

Senga is walling in his misery in the meantime having come in last.

I think his video is corny and maybe old fashioned but at least he did not insult the girl he was supposed to be in a relationship with.

As they speak about the video after Nikaido brings up that he does not understand what was wrong with Senga's video. They end up putting the two together to talk about how they get what they were doing with their videos even if the women voting did not.

Amano then gives his advice and I think his saying about even though you are not the one on stage that is getting all the attention that does not mean that no one is watching you is a good one for anyone to keep in mind. That it is worth giving your all in all that you do even if there are others around you shining more than you because someone is going to be out there noticing what you do as well.

When it is time for Amano to choose who is the most busaiku he wonders about giving it to Miyata because of his thrown umbrella but decides he cannot as he managed to rank second in the next one. Instead he gives it to Yokoo because of how excited he was ranking fifth with the last category right after Fujigaya was so calm ranking fourth.

I have to say I am really glad they decided to make more episodes of this show. It is a lot of fun to watch and I think it is something that even non-fans of the group could easily enjoy.

The subs I have for this episode were much better than what I had for the first episode. And I am afraid of trying to review an episode without subs as there looks like a lot to be missed by not being able to follow most of what is being said. So I hope I can find some subs for the first of the 2013 episodes of the show for next week.

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