26 February 2013

Hey! Say! JUMP 2013 tour, and I hope more

It has been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will have a national tour in 2013 that will have dates from April 14th to August 23rd. This is in addition to the March Johnny's World "Thanksgiving Festival" concerts at the Tokyo and Kyocera Domes.

While I am happy to see HSJ active I am really hoping that this tour will at least come with a new single. Looking at the dates there is enough time to release a single in between Johnny's World and the national tour. There are also some breaks long enough during the tour to get a single out during the summer. And as the group still have yet to release a single for the year I hope they do release something in the first half of the year. Especially since their last CD release was their second album, JUMP WORLD, back in June 2012, and their last single was Super Delicate back in February of 2012.

Or maybe HSJ can surprise us and release a single and album/mini-album before the concert. Sure I will still be horribly broke from Kis-My-Ft2's end of March releases but I will find a way to afford it, somehow.


Anonymous said...

Oww, I'm so hoping for a new single or single and album.Its been to long already. Sometimes being a HSJ fan is hard especially for international fans.

Well, fingercross ;)

Thanks for the info :)

Thennary Nak said...

It is hard to be a HSJ fan with how little they release, especially for us foreign fans that really do not have much of a chance to see the guys in concert.

You are welcome.