08 October 2013


This probably has been overdue but I have been thinking about what I want to do as a blogger and what I can honestly do. And I will be shutting down one of my blogs, Jubilee Moon, as I just cannot find a balance for it. 

I think I figured out tumblr enough to realize I screwed up creating my first account there. I did create a new one that I will be mainly using for all the none Johnny's, and sometimes even some Johnny's, stuff that I am interested in. You can follow my tumblr here.

Also I have been begun writing a series of short novels I hope to publish over the summer. This is the first time I have been so serious about writing and I have one first draft done, a second well on its way to being completed and begun rewriting that first one. I hope to have something done by the end of the year and will definitely start promoting when I hit the final draft of the first short novel. I do have a blog for my writing, but there is not much there yet as I am still early on with the writing process.

Idol Minded is coming back from its hiatus but it will mainly just be the daily links. This is perfect for me as I doubt I could afford the time to do much more.

Never Ending Music Power will continue on, I don't think I could quit this blog anytime soon, but I will be cutting a back a bit. The Johnny's Under 100 series will continue without any changes as it is something quick and simple that I can do even if I only have a few minutes to spare. I will be cutting back on the Shounen Club reviews for at least the rest of the month though. It will go to one episode a week, and I will keep the Saturday due date for that. I am hoping that I can get a head of schedule with this and perhaps even get to the point that I can do extra reviews eventually. But I need to get myself back to where I do not have to worry about being late with it anymore and this is the best idea I came up with. 

As one might notice I have just about dropped trying to follow female idols. It is not that I dislike them suddenly, but I just am not as passionate about them. I may from time to time still do a post about female idols, but like NEMP has always been the main focus is on Johnny's. 

I have not had as much time to watch dramas as I hoped recently but I will continue on with those. Hopefully within a week or two I will be done with Bad Boys J. I really want to get to Kamen Teacher but I will probably watch something in between the two so I have something that does not deal with delinquents to watch. But the drama reviews will continue when I have the time for them.

I do plan on doing another Q&A Month for November, as I have the past couple of years. I think it has worked well for me as it does help give me something to write about. The post to leave questions at will go up on October 31st and I will answer questions throughout November and if need be December.

Cannot think of anything else to add. I do hope making these changes will get me back on track. 

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