10 October 2013

From Hyakushiki to Mousorisuto

With the news from yesterday I almost forgot that I wanted to spread the news about this. But you do not get bombshells like that often.

Hyakushiki, the late night program on Fuji TV with V6's Inohara Yoshihiko, Okamoto Keito (Hey! Say! JUMP), Totsuka Shota (A.B.C-Z) and Juniors Takada Sho and Sanada Yuma, will be seeing some major changes. First off it lost the regular member Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2), which honestly I thought they would have to do much sooner than this. Then it will be renamed to Mousoristo and get a new regular for the program, Morimoto Shintaro. It will also now focus on giving the guys challenges to do.

JE News Daily article (English)

I have always liked Hyakushiki, even though I can see why it does not get a lot of attention with international fans as it is not the most entertaining of programs. For me though I like it as I feel like I am able to follow along well enough and I do pick up on some Japanese here and there while watching it much easier than other programs. Plus it did not become centered around eating food which was a big plus for me. So I was rather sad to hear that it ended but getting this news has made me happy. It sounds like it may be a more interesting program to watch if it sticks to the premise.

And of course I am really happy for Shintaro. Even though I think the program should have all the debuted guys, minus Inohara of course, leave the program to replace them with Juniors this switch will be good enough for me. I just hope I can find somewhere I can watch episodes.

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