15 October 2013

Kamen Teacher, the movie

It has been announced that the Kamen Teacher drama series is getting a movie sequel. It will hit theaters in Japan on February 22, 2014. All of the main TV drama cast will return for their roles and there of course has been more Johnny's added to the cast for the film. They are Kotaki Nozomu, Miyadate Ryota, Sakuma Daisuke and Abe Ryuhei.

Oricon Style article (Japanese)

I cannot say that I am surprised with this news as the ratings for this drama have been good for the time slot with it getting into the 3% range. And it seems like with the popular series that involve delinquents it is a given there will be a movie of it.

Of course it is also becoming a regular things to get more Johnny's added to a series when it is given a movie. The members of Snow Man seem to get the most of this treatment but it looks like it is time to start expecting to see more of the Kansai Juniors, or at least 7WEST members, getting added as Nozomu is the second after Shigeoka Daichi was added to the BAD BOYS J film.

Ultimately I am curious to how this will all play out for the Juniors with this NTV late night drama block. It is nice that they, and members from some of the more recently debuted groups, are getting chances to be in dramas. But with the growing number of Juniors being in them it does not seem like a vehicle for debut so much as it did when it first started. Sure it helps up the profiles of those in the dramas, especially the more popular ones, but it is hard to look at the list of Juniors that have acted in them and know which ones may have a greater chance to debut. I think for that you do need to look at the ones that have gone on to get drama roles in other time slots for that.

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