09 October 2013

KAT-TUN just lost a 'T'

It has been announced that Tanaka Koki has had his contract terminated, so not only will he no longer be a member of KAT-TUN but he will no longer be a talent in Johnny's & Associates. It is mentioned the reasons for it is "bad behavior and repeatedly breaking the rules".

Johnny's-net official announcement (Japanese)

I have to say I am still rather shocked about this news. There were rumors for a while that something was up with Koki for a while but nothing that would lead someone to believe that he would be getting fired. Unless some of the rumors were actually true. But I always felt Koki was happy with KAT-TUN, especially after having Akanishi Jin leave, so why he would go down this path just confuses me. Then again I have not followed the group all that much for a while so perhaps I am missing something.

It makes me wonder why they went so far to terminate his contract when other Johnny's have been known to break the rules yet remain. I wonder if the rules broken were seen to be more serious, he did it more, or perhaps he agreed that terminating his contract was the better way to go than to just be pulled from the group and suspended.

If he's smart he should lay low for the rest of the year and a good portion of the next before trying his hand at any kind of return to the entertainment industry. At least if he tries to make it as a rapper he probably will not come up against Johnny's much.

I still cannot believe I am writing about this. This was just blindsiding.


Anonymous said...

His movie is scheduled to be in theater next spring, that's not too far away. And they confirmed that that'll not be changed. It'll be interesting to see if Koki will be doing any promotions. He's not the lead but he's one of the main characters. He's also getting rather positive support from people outside JE (but in the entertainment business). That might not mean much but fans can hope. As his style is so non-JE, whatever he chooses/gets to do next he might not get interfered simply because it won't overlap with JE things. and he can definitely open his own club now ;)

Anonymous said...

its a very shock, indeed..
i cry every time i found myself alone..
I cried hard when i listen to Kat-tun's song

After i read what 'anonymous' said above me, i feel a bit relief..
Dont know why, but i just thinked that kame-junno-koki-uepi-maru has a strong relationship. And they always tried hard to make us (fans) laugh everytime we saw them.
As long as they still living in 1 city, 1 country, 1 world.. i think they still woould laugh and make a joke each other.
Maybe we cant see their stupid conversation or their cruel treatment among member which always made us laugh anymore.
But im sure they still did it whenever they meet, wherever they meet.
We just cant see it because there wont be any camera there.

Anyway.. i am really looking forward about the theter that 'anonymous' said. Im sure it can make us better. hehe..

We all know that Koki is soooo non-JE and we proud of him soooo much.
Then.. from our deepest heart, lets pray for Koki and Kat-Tun. With our worldwide's hopes, im sure they can get more energy to continue their life and career.

Ah.. i write this comment while crying.. again.. he he