21 March 2013

Twenty Twenty: Johnny Kitagawa's Legacy?

And here is where I begin to speculate about the news for this group. Starting with trying to figure out what the old man had to be thinking.

Johnny Kitagawa is a showman. Sure he talks about wanting to stay in the background and allow his talents shine in the spotlight but in the end he is the one that sets the stages for them and decides who gets to be out on that stages. Johnny's is a reflection of his passions when it comes to entertainment and I do not think it is merely the glittery outfits and cheesy songs. Part of how Johnny's is run to me is reflective of it as well.

Twenty Twenty (20 20) is a showstopper that will make sure Johnny is not forgotten anytime soon. In a way it can be seen as his way of going out with a bang. As I doubt there will ever be a group that will have a member so young (in fact I am certain seven is about as young as Juniors go in general) or will try to debut a group so large. Because honestly the large girl groups largely work because their members come and go, something that does not happen with Johnny's groups. So I can see this group being a bit of a mess in the long run unless there are some changes to it eventually.

Right now Johnny is 81 years old, which means when 20 20 debuts he should be 88. I am sure he has been thinking in recent years about what he wants to do before bowing out of his position as president of Johnny's & Associates. Johnny's World seems to only be one piece of this and I feel like 20 20 is another. (I do not think it is a coincidence that it will be at the next Johnny's World that we are to learn more about the group.) As in he wants to aim his highest and set records that will not be broken anytime soon, if ever. And that would be his legacy. And it makes sense as he seems to be focusing on creating records and/or beating them in the more recent years.

With this group already being in the works, as candidate members have already been announced at the taping for the April Shounen Club episodes, I feel this group is going to have a good deal of  focus for Johnny if this is indeed something he views to be one of his last projects as president of J&A. Of course I doubt he will keep everything as he originally announced but there should be little doubt this group will happen in some form.

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