19 March 2013

Twenty Twenty: Facts please.

Decided that it would be a good idea to give myself a couple of days to gather up more information about this and collect my thoughts a bit more about the matter after my first knee jerk reaction to the news. I realize that I am going to end up in tl;dr territory with this so I have decided to split it all up over a few entries and to place these entries on the days I have been leaving without entries until I get it all out. Then I think I can really put it off to the side as I go back to my usual Johnny's enjoyment.

For this entry I am going to look at what information has been put out there about Twenty Twenty to try to help clear out some of the confusion about the group.

I know there is a lot of misinformation about the group out there, as not everything has been spelled out about it and unfortunately things can be mistranslated. But since it has been a few days now I think most of the misinformation has been discounted and we have a better idea of what is what with the group.

Basically Johnny Kitagawa has said that the group is created in support of the bid for Tokyo to host the 2020 Olympics. It will be a 40 member unit that is divided into two teams of 20 each with Juniors selected for it being chosen from 700 Tokyo and Kansai Juniors. The group will begin being formed this year with potential members for the unit, in fact some have already been selected and introduced at the filming for the April episodes of Shounen Club. While the group is starting to be formed this year the goal is to have the unit debut in 2020, about 7 years from now, whether or not Tokyo wins the bid to host the Olympics for that year. The name of the group is Twenty Twenty, for both the year it is aiming to debut in and for the fact that it is made of the two groups of 20 members.

Fan reports from the filming of the April episodes of Shounen Club have reported that some of the Juniors that have been selected to be potential group members for 20 20 are the focus of the Ki ni naru J segment on the program, so with those episodes we will hopefully get a bit more information about the group and be able to see a bit of what Johnny's is looking for with the Juniors they want for this group.

And that so far is the information that has been repeated enough in the reports to be taken as fact or has actually come about so far. I know there is some information that is floating around that is not included in all that, but I did not feel like it was information that was very clear in what it meant so I decided to keep it out until it was cleared.

And in some speculation, while there has been news/rumors about there being no other debuts until 20 20 debuts I highly doubt that is going to happen. If so then the older Juniors have little reason to stick around and I would not be surprised if it were the case we get a lot of them leaving the agency. Instead if that was indeed stated I would take it more as a "no new groups for a while" statement, kinda like how when Hey! Say! JUMP debuted and it was said that no groups with Showa members would debut, and yet after a few years we had Kis-My-Ft2 and A.B.C-Z debut when most of their members are born in the Showa era. So I would not expect a debut anytime soon but I am certain we will see one in between now and 2020. In fact I am still certain the 2015 FIVB debut will happen. If anything the 2019 FIVB debut may get skipped in favor for 20 20, as one of the things the FIVB groups do is support the Olympic volleyball games.

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