18 March 2013

Johnny's Under 100: Nakayama Yuma

Still trying to find a good balance with what to write about for each Johnny's. If anything this is turning out to be a good writing exercise.

Nakayama Yuma
Group: NYC, also a soloist
Birthdate: January 13, 1994

One of the most confusing Johnny’s in figuring out what his status is. He should now be officially debuted as a solo artist but seeing as he has debuted twice already, one with a group that is still sort of active, I will believe it when he releases his first solo album.

I enjoy Nakayama's acting and hope he continues getting acting roles. His singing though is limited and better fit for a group that can cover what his voice cannot really do. Plus I think he does better being surrounded by others than on his own.


Anonymous said...

really?! coz i like him better as a singer than an actor. i mean, his acting is good but kinda forced.. like he always have to shout or talk unnatural, or that all jap actors are like that. but his expression are nice to watch.. also, his photo's are either a hit or miss. anyhow, yuma's voice is evolving.. his tone is gettin' better too. he has improved in dancing, thus its fun to watch him during stage plays where he does both(singin'/dancin') instead of just acting.

Thennary Nak said...

I am probably one of those weird people that does not mind the standards of Japanese acting, which is a bit over the top and overly dramatic. And I think Yuma does well with that kind of acting.

I do agree he has gotten better with his singing but I think he is a bit limited with what kinds of songs allow his voice to shine. Like the slower songs fit him much better than upbeat ones, IMHO.