06 March 2013

Kis-My-they finally decided to give us titles

Only about three weeks from the releases we finally have titles for the album and DVD that are part of Kis-My-Ft2's upcoming triple release. Still no jacket covers but I am sure we will get those soon enough.

First off the album now has a title Good Ikuze! So they are not going to keep with the "Kis-My-" naming convention for their albums after Kis-My-1st.

This is the track list for the main disc of the album:
1. "2nd" Overture
2. Black & White
4. Unmei Girl
5. Strawberry Dance
6. xLuanSx (Fujigaya Taisuke solo)
7. Forza! (Tamamori Yuta with Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, and Nikaido Takashi)
8. Shake It Up
9. Chance Chance Baybee (Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, and Nikaido Takashi)
10. Give me... (Kitayama Hiromitsu solo)
11. Ai no Beat -album version-
12. My Resistance -Tashikanamono-
13. Mother Moon

Bonus tracks for the RE:
14. JET! SET!! GO!!!
15. Catch Love

There have been no changes for the songs included on the Kis-My-Zero3 for one of the limited editions.

The DVD that will have the movie, YOSHIO ~New Member~, for the CD that comes only with the limited edition has the theme song for the movie titled as ETERNAL MIND.

Of course song titles cannot say too much about how the songs are actually going to sound. I think the only big tip off is that "2nd" Overture will be an instrumental track like the "1st" Overture on the group's debut album.

No surprise with Fujigaya and Kitayama getting solo songs like on the first album. I do appreciate that they do tend to try to balance it out a bit with giving the other members songs those two are not in. So we get another S-My-2 song like on the previous album with a bit of a change with Tamamori's song now having all of them and not just Senga and Miyata. It is interesting that no matter how much Tamamori is pushed he is still not getting a solo song on any of the releases even though he had solo songs pre-debut.

I am really looking forward to these releases later this month. While I was iffy about Kisumai's first couple of releases with their debut I have loved their current sound.

Plus it is nice to follow a group that releases things on a regular basis unlike pretty much all the other Johnny's groups I follow.


Anonymous said...

Yuta is my favorite member among kisumai and I was hoping that he now would have a solo release. I know his voice isn't the strongest but I think he has a nice voice to listen to.

Still looking very much forward for there new releases and until it arrives at my home :))
Indeed its nice that they have regular release. My favorite groups among Johnny's is kinda the same as yours I'm so hoping for a new HSJ release they just need to release new stuff with there concert tour ahead.

Thanks for the update :)

Jay said...

I love the titles that you put to the posts, I just wanted to say it. *Sorry for my bad english*

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

It just seems weird that Tamamori does not get a solo when he is one of the three most promoted members. That and he has gotten solo songs pre-debut so why they would not give him any post-debut is baffling. Perhaps it will change in time.

I wish HSJ would release more regularly. Even if it was one or two CD releases a year would be okay. But hopefully their will be a new single with the new concert tour.

@ Jay

Thank you, and your English is just fine.

nanu b said...

I´m sorry for Tama-chan but It´s true that he has a week voice and he needs others to support him while singing I believe he will have his solo eventually!
good thing they change the Kis My naming thing!
I want to hear the album!!! I´m hoping that the new song are something similar to the songs that make them popular (fire beat)but we will see!
thanks for sharing the track list and for the episodes of shokura =D

Thennary Nak said...

I really want to hear the album too, and I am glad I have it pre-ordered. Though with shipping it still means having to wait until it arrives.

And you're welcome. I am going to have more free time at the end of the month and plan on trying to get up as much as possible then.