25 November 2010

Upcoming winter drama news

As the Winter drama season approaches there of course cast announcements coming out.

This season Masaki Aiba will be the member of Arashi starring in a drama. The drama is based off of a popular manga series called, Bartender. It will air on TV Asahi in January and Aiba is the only known cast member so far.

Tokyograph article. (English)

I honestly will be surprised if there isn't a new Arashi single coming out that isn't tied to this drama. But we're still a ways off from Johnny's making release announcements for releases in 2011.

In other drama news, Tegoshi Yuya will be a part of the main cast for the upcoming drama, Deka Wanko. The drama will air on NTV beginning in January.

Tokyograph article. (English)

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