16 May 2010

News round up

Unfortunately my mother pulled something in her back and ended up bedridden for the majority of this week. I've been helping take care of her while juggling my usual school schedule which is getting more work heavy now that it's heading into finals in a few weeks. I will try to at least keep up with news for this blog for the month if nothing else.

First up, it was announced that the concert in Thailand for the KAT-TUN world tour have been canceled. This is of course because of the recent unrest in the nation which has in the past few days included bloodshed. There is no word if the concert will be made up for but the rest of the concerts on the world tour leg are still scheduled to go on as planned.

Tokyograph article. (English)

Higashiyama from Shounentai will be starring in a drama for the summer season. The title is still unknown but it is being billed as a 'mystery medical' drama and it will air on TBS. He will be joined by Ohkura from Kanjani8 who will also have a role in the drama.

Tokyograph article. (English)

Also for those interested there was an article released for the current Junior concerts being held at Theatre Crea. The article focuses on A.B.C.-Z as they are the first group to perform as well as the only ones to have full solo concerts.

musicjapan+ article

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