31 May 2010

Arashi to release special limited single

Both cdjapan and Johnny's net have just updated to announce that Arashi will be once more releasing a single.

The CD is only one track, the title track To Be Free, with a karaoke track of it and it comes with a DVD for the PV. It will be released on July 7th. The single will only be this one version and it's listed as being a limited release so I suggest you hurry to pre-order before it sells out. Though I'll assume it may not sell out as much as the usual LE sells out for Arashi seeing that this is the only edition of the single this time around.

I'm really curious about what Johnny's is thinking. MatsuJun has an upcoming drama for the summer season and I can't see the theme song for that going to anyone else but Arashi but they are also due for a long awaited original album. It'll be interesting to see what the next CD release from this group will be.

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