21 May 2010

Kanjani8 new single Wonderful World!!

Well it looks like Johnny's has decided to do the smart thing and will be releasing a new single for Kanjani8 on June 30th, which works well as NEWS can't really do anything with Yamapi busy filming for a movie. The single is for the Wonderful World!! song that is being used for one of their current variety shows.

The single will have three additions, two LEs and a RE. The RE will have two tracks that will be on all three additions of the single as well as "PUZZLE" Remixes of the songs Wa Ha Ha and Rolling Coaster and the karaoke tracks for the first two tracks. The A type version of the LE will have the PV for the title track and the B type has what is listed as Prologue of Bachi #1-4 on the DVDs each come with.

The singles are up on cdjapan for pre-order but the listings don't have the usual track information for some reason, though it is up on Johnny's net.


Anonymous said...

That's great for Kanjani8!!
I'm not really fans of them but I'm glad that they get to release something new ^^

This year seems to be going more equal in terms of releases :)

But seriously...any day now with that album information Hey! Say! JUMP...

Thennary Nak said...

I agree, this does seem to be a much better year for the groups to be releasing equally.

Well as this single is for the last of June I would assume that it means that the HSJ album will be released in July so we're probably going to have to wait another week or so before that finally gets announced.