07 May 2010

23rd poll results

With Hey! Say! JUMP finally announcing their first album I figured it was time to change the poll on this blog finally. So here are the results for that.

Which group(s) should release an album in 2010?

Hey! Say! JUMP 102


Arashi 37


Tackey & Tsubasa 26

Tokio 18

Kanjani8/V6 17

Kinki Kids 15


It's actually rather interesting to view the results now. So far the only groups that have confirmed albums for this year have been V6 and Hey! Say! JUMP. I think there's a good chance for Arashi to release a new album this year with how regularly they've been putting out singles. It's hard to tell if NEWS is going to release an album this year, though they do have a song they could put out for a single with Get Funky! but that song could end up being like Change the World (which was used as a CM tie-in) and only show up on an album. With KAT-TUN split for so much of the year it's hard to tell whether they'll push to release an album this year. I know I would love for Tokio to release an album this year but they release so erratically nowadays I won't be holding my breath. The rest I don't think they're ready for their next album for the amount of singles they have out since their last one. Especially poor T&T that still have yet to do anything this year as a group.

For the next poll question I think I'll go with one of the hot topics of late. Should Akanishi Jin leave KAT-TUN and go solo?

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