28 May 2010

Jump No. 1 !

Just got an update from cdjapan and it's the one I've been waiting for what seems like years. Hey! Say! JUMP's debut album is set to come out on July 7th and will be titled Jump No.1.

The album has two editions though from the cdjapan listings it looks like the only difference will be the jacket cover and the booklet that each will come with. That's a bit disappointing, but they also list that there should be 17 tracks in total so at least there will be a good amount of new music. Plus I know this will save me some money as I'll only be getting the regular edition.


I've been checking everywhere for any more information and have found a bit with the Japanese version of the cdjapan listing. It will be the five single tracks (which means no Bouken Rider even though that was also supposed be an A-side for the Your Seed single) and Jounetsu JUMP and Memories will be on the album. So that gives us seven of the seventeen songs. Hopefully Johnny's net will update and have the full listing when they do.

I'm really happy about Memories getting a CD version as I have loved the song since first listen. And I think Jounetsu JUMP is one of the better volleyball songs so I'm glad it's on the album as well. I do hope there are a few brand new songs though as well as a few more of the older ones. Not to mention at least have one song each for the two sub-units. But I guess we'll find out soon enough about all that.

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