17 May 2010

KAT-TUN and Tokio new releases

KAT-TUN's newest album, and second without Akanishi Jin for the album tracks, has been announced and is up for pre-order at cdjapan. The RE will have fourteen tracks, one of them is a bonus track that will not be on the LE, while the LE has thirteen tracks and a DVD that will have a PV and making of footage for one of the album tracks. The album will also have solo songs for all the members of the group. It will be released on June 16th and is titled No More Pain.

The LE at cdjapan is listed as already being sold out, but there's always a chance it will get back in stock for a while with this store.

There's just something about having No More Pain as the album title and the fact that all the album songs will be once again Akanishi Jin-less that comes off wrong. Of course there is a chance that the album title was chosen before it became known that Jin would not be on the album but unless the members talk about how they decided on the title it will be speculation.

While not on cdjapan yet, Johnny's net has put up a listing for a new single from Tokio. It's a single A-side this time but will have three different versions like their more recent singles. The two LE's have the title track, Haruka, with it's karaoke version for song tracks and each will come with a DVD with different versions of the PV. The RE will have two B-sides, one composed completely by Nagase Tomoya, as well as the karaoke track for Haruka and the other B-side Everlasting. This will also be released on June 16th.


Anonymous said...

where did you read that jin is NA on the new cd? when ordering from cdjapan - it did not indicate anything about missing jin....mmmmmmm!!! so sad - so bad....

Thennary Nak said...

Well considering that he wasn't on the Going! single even though he was still in Japan when it was recorded I believe it would make logical sense to assume he would not be on the album, besides two of the single tracks included, if he's in the U.S. when they are recording for it.