09 January 2014

The state of things

I was planning on doing this near the first of the year but for various reasons I kept pushing it back. But I think it is time to stop delaying this.

It looks like there will be yet another move for me in the near future. It is not all sorted out yet but it could happen later this month. It will not be far though and should not take me long to get myself set up once it is done.

But the larger issue, and most current, is that on Wednesday night my mother had a heart attack. She has been in the hospital since and the doctors are aiming to do surgery on Monday. I will be heading over there for Monday and Tuesday to help support her and to help out my dad however I can. Needless to say around that time it will be very spotty if I will be doing anything related to fandom. But things have been positive so far and I am expecting my mom to keep recovering. And if I need a distraction from the stress/worry I know I will have my fandoms waiting for me.

I will be cutting back the amount of posts I do for the blog officially. I will only do one Shounen Club episode review a week now and aim to have that done on Saturdays. At the moment that is all I feel that I can commit to though I will try to do a bit more once things settle.

Cutting back a bit on blogging was pretty much bound to happen even without everything else happening. I have been focusing on my writing to do something that I have been thinking about for years: write a book series. I actually have finished the first novella of the series and for those who can buy from Amazon it is up for sale. (It is only in e-book form, but you only need a computer and the Kindle program for it to read it.) I plan to get two of these out a year, which is why I have to cut down on the blogging.

That said I will still be updating when any news about the groups I follow pops up, and have a couple I need to get around to writing when I feel overly productive. So this month will probably be over the place when it comes to updates but hopefully things will settle soon enough and I can figure out what more I can commit to, as I plan on keeping this blog going for years to come.


AimxAim said...

Oh wow, I just want to say I that I really hope your mother is doing well and will be ok. I am so sorry for her and you. I know that this is something extremely sad and stressful to go through. I went through something similar in my life when my mother had a stroke back in 2010.

I know that back then I felt comfort in my music and even blogging help a bit. So, I hope that you find something that gives you comfort.

Take all the time you need when it comes to writing. If you can only get one thing out a week that's fine. Real life is always more important.

Also, congrats on your first writing endeavor outside of this blog. I won't be able to support it personally because I don't have a kindle. But I hope it turns to to be successful.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mother recovers.

Brian said...

Hey Thennary, I'm hoping for the best for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hello! You have answered some of my questions in the past when you have done the questions list, so thank you for that and for all the work you do on this site.

Now, though, concentrate on Mama. That's important.

When and if you can return, we will all be here waiting. Until then, all best thoughts and sincere prayers for you and the family!

A fan in Tennessee USA

Thennary Nak said...

Thank you everyone for the support. I truly appreciate it.