05 January 2014

Johnny's WEST 4 or Johnny's WEST

 There is a news article out that helps shed some light on the upcoming debut of Johnny's WEST 4, though it does make one thing more confusing.

But according to the article the group will debut in April. As a lead up to that the group will be performing at Tokyo's Nissay theatre in February. The performances are to be a mix of songs and comedy (which I think means comedy sketches). Fans will get the chance to vote for which song they want the group to have as their debut single. (No word on how this will be done but I will assume this may be for the fans who attend the lives.)

It also mentions Johnny's Entertainment being the record label for the group.

Daily Sports Online (Japanese)

In the article though the 4 is dropped from the name though and it only lists them as Johnny's WEST. I will hold off from dropping it myself from the group. I assume when the lives start next month there will be something in the press and I guess in March we will get the date for the release with pre-order information. What name is used for those, especially for the pre-order is what I will go with. I actually would not mind going with Johnny's WEST over Johnny's WEST 4, as the former is less of a mouthful to say.

Of course if this group is under Johnny's Entertainment for their record label then it means they will be with Julie Kitagawa and her faction of groups. This will probably work out well as they will be able to promote with Kanjani8, who should be a good match for them. I cannot wait to see the two groups interact.

There is also a mention that more Kansai Juniors could debut but I am not holding my breath on that one as it is Johnny Kitagawa getting quoted and what he says in these kinds of articles do not always happen. Plus he mentioned debuting other Kansai Junior groups so it would not be making additions to this unit.

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