08 August 2013

Shinryochu ~In the Room~ first impressions

Moving on to the next NTV late night drama I am up to last winter's drama, Shinryochu ~In the Room~.

This drama is a dramatic change from the the dramas that have come before it in the same time slot. It revolves around the conversations between a psychiatrist and his patients, all high school students. So far it all has taken place within a single room, and considering the name of the drama I am sure that the rest of the series will mainly take place in there.

The lead character is school counselor Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) who seems to have some of the most disturbed students at the school he works at. He comes off as a bit distant, which is not always a good quality in a psychiatrist but he does seem to have a genuine desire in helping these troubled youths out.

We also get that he is having family trouble with his daughter and wife, and at the end of the episode calls up another psychiatrist. I am no expert in this field but I think this would be the point that a professional would ask for a break to take care of themselves as they are not going to be the greatest help to others if they are not able to help themselves.

The episode shows us two of the students he is seeing, sort of maybe in the first case. It seems a bit frustrating that everyone seems to be beating around the bush with what they are saying so it is a bit hard to grasp what the issue is. But I guess that is to help put the viewers in Tenma's place, as he only has what the students tell him to figure out how to help them. In Kaihara Minami's (Suda Anna) case though it seems that she is not the one we actually see this episode but her twin sister Miu, pretending to be her.

While Minami's session was more weird than anything the one with Tanaka Shun (Takada Sho) is more on the disturbing side as he recounts beating up his friend. And I'm not sure if the word association that Tenma does with him is actually a way to figure out if he is gay or not. Or even if the session was helpful at all. But I think that would fall more on Shun's shoulders as he comes off just looking for straight answers to some complicated issues he is having with himself and his friend.

After watching this first episode all I can say about this drama is that it is dark and a bit weird. I do not know what to feel about it or for the characters. It is the kind of series I prefer to try to marathon my way through so I am glad it is complete so I can do that. It also means there should not be a long wait until I am done with it. But I have the feeling this may end up being another miss for me unless the characters become likeable.

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