01 August 2013

If you squint Sexy Zone has five members

Well the covers for Sexy Zone's upcoming concert DVD/BD release are out and they are just about as disappointing as the ones for the group's past single Real Sexy/BAD BOYS.

The only plus is that it is only the five members on the covers so Matsushima So and Yo Marius are not getting blended in with the Juniors. But they are barely there on the regular edition and it is not much better with the limited edition.

I get that Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma and Sato Shori are the more popular members of the group but I do not get why So and Marius have to be shoved into little corners for the group's covers, if even that. Even with the split with Kis-My-Ft2 the other four are not shoved into the smallest spaces possible for the group's covers for the most part so there is no doubt that they are meant to be with the group, it's just with their PVs that the split and live performances really becomes an issue. And I don't want to see the same happen with SZ on top of this issue with covers.

So is growing up quick now and looks to have plenty of talent that is just getting wasted by putting him in the back. And Marius has been getting better with being more confident on stage and definitely attracts attention. Not to mention is actually one of the busier members when it comes to having work. In fact he was the first member of the group that starred in a drama. So I do not get why they are trying to be hidden.

I can only hope that like with Kisumai the split will get better over time and both So and Marius will get some breaks. But I feel like it will be a long wait if this is just the beginning of this.


Laurie Cockrell said...

Sou is definitely growing up quick. He is looking and sounding older than Shori these days and Marius is already around Kento's height. They don't stay babies long.

And they are both really growing into their abilities. Sou is an attention whore at heart and he trolls the camera whenever he can. And while Marius is still struggling with Japanese, he is definitely improving. I happen to think it's adorable when he stumbles over his Japanese though.

I think as they get older they will get more chances to shine. We just, unfortunately, have to be patient and wait for that to happen. But it will.

Thennary Nak said...

I know rationally you're right about them getting more chances as they grow up, but emotionally it is just annoying to see the two marginalized so much. Especially the times they don't even get to be with the rest of the group.