22 August 2013

JWeb is now international

The official Johnny's phone app, J-Web, has followed suit after Johnny's net went multi-lingual and supports English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Korean for their paid J-Web services. You have to muddle through the Japanese version to get to where you can sign up to subscribe to the service, but when you make it there it will prompt you to pick a language and you can sign up. (With a valid credit card and provided that you have a smart phone in the first place of course.) The fee is 315 yen per month but you not only get access to the mobile app in your language of choice but the blogs, which are one of J-Web's exclusives, are translated.

It is nice to see Johnny's continue to branch out internationally as an international fan. I went ahead and subscribed to the service and I am still exploring it. I have already checked out some of the blog entries and while they did not go back and translate everything I think they did well with how far back they did go and it is not like the Japanese version has all of them either.

I know there has been some complaints from parts of fandom about people deciding to no longer translate and share the J-Web blog entries. Personally I think it is better to no longer share them as fan translations to me are to help spread the fandom by sharing something that is not officially available in the language it is being translated into. So if there are groups translating it into languages such as French, Spanish, Thai, etc, then I see no problem with those. But the English translations should stop as it is available. Of course not everyone can afford it, I can understand that, but Johnny's is known to be very protective and I want to see them expand more overseas so we can better things, like concerts (no harm in dreaming, right?), but that will not happen unless ventures like this prove profitable. Besides blog translations are hardly the only way to enjoy the fandom if money is an issue.

Of course I am still hoping that Johnny's may make the leap and create an official Youtube channel. Even if all they put up are the short versions of PVs it would at least be a source of video streams that can be shared. I know I would not have been able to get into Johnny's if it were not for all the videos that used to be on Youtube and I think it would help get more people into the groups if they had such access.


haneen2012 said...

that is very good news indeed and it is about time they did it and I second your wish of a YouTube channel as I think it is very necessary.
you said that Johnny's net has an english website yet I can not find it?!!!
and can you please provide a tutorial for signing in for the j-web app because I do not know a word in japanese and would like to use it.

haneen2012 said...

found the website, my fault for using bookmarks. thank you.

Thennary Nak said...

Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply, work has upped my hours so I have been trying to get used to that and keep up with blogging.

I'm glad you figured out Johnny's net, I think a lot of people had the issue that they forgot to go to the front page of that site and could not see the language options at first.

For J-web, you just need to enter the app and get to the main page after hitting the 'enter' button. Scroll down and there will be four buttons, you want to hit the hsecond which should be mostly kanji with stars on either side. That then will take you to a page that gives you language options. After that just follow the instructions.