14 July 2011

New song in September for Hey! Say! JUMP

It has been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a new song sometime in September. The title is Magic Power and will be the theme song for the Japanese release of the Smurfs movie.

As reported before Yamada and Chinen have dub roles in the film and that it will open in theaters in Japan September 9th.

hey_say LJ community (English)

I was so sure that this was going to be a tie-in for NYC so I'm surprised that it's HSJ instead. Though I'm not really disappointed because it's about time that they get some releases out on a timely matter. Though it's going to be strange to have them go from the more serious and cool image they had going for their more recent singles back to something that I'm assuming is going to be more cutesy.

And I'm pretty sure this will mean a single as movie tie-ins usually get them. In fact I can't think of a case where there wasn't a single for a movie theme song when it comes to Johnny's.

Of course I think the big question will be if Ryutaro will be a part of the single or not, since he's currently on suspension and there's really been no further official word on what his status will be when he returns.


Chris said...

YAY for HSJ XD But a cutesy song?! I don´t know if I should be happy or not..
But we haven´t heard the song yet so I hope for a mature song again.

Jackie said...

If someone would sing the song for Smurfs , then I was sure it could be only NYC. I never expected it would be HSJ.
Already the title "Magic Power" sounds so childish and I don´t HSJ to sing cute songs. That recent mature image really fits them and they should continue with that.

I wonder why they chose HSJ. I think it´s maybe because of their great success of OVER or probably JE want them to be seen as a 9 member formation immediately.
Idon´t think Ryutaro would be come back that soon, or if he will ever come back.

I really hope it won´t become a childish song like NYC´s.

Anonymous said...

Me as a JUMP fan should be happy but somehow .....
Well, why just can´t NYC sing this song??!!? "Magic Power", it´s so not JUMP-like, but totally NYC-like.
Not only the title seems immature, but they sing it for the Smurfs movie......
I don´t follow Nakayama Yuma, but he must be busy during that time, doing some other activities, otherwise NYC would definitely do it!
Sigh, I won´t complain anymore but I got more excited about Over than on Magic Power.....

Kismy said...

Am I the only one who is looking forward to that?! Let´s be happy that HSJ is finally releasing singles in shorter time.
For me it´s great news! And why is everyone complaining: " why a cutesy song? " Guys, we still haven´t heard the single yet!!
Yes, it´s for the Smurfs, yes it´s "Magic Power", but HSJ will never sing extremely cute songs like NYC. At least I think it could sound like "Aiing Aishiteru", and I like this song very much.

Let´s be happy ! HSJ is getting more attention again and we´ll get to see them on TV music shows, be able to see a new PV etc.

For me it´s also interesting if the sales will drop a lot or not.
It also depends on if there will be extras or the thing like with the 30 messages.
Can´t wait to hear the song !

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

Well Aiing Aishiteru and Romeo & Juliet are two more recent songs they've done that have been cutesy so it's not like this will really stand out too much from recent releases unless you're only looking at the single A-sides.

Since the article just says new song and not single it's still possible that they could release a new single with an A-side more like their more recent singles and have this song be another A-side with it or a B-side. But until Johnny's makes an announcement it's anyone's guess.

@ Jackie

After listening to the song I get the feeling that it might just be a song that was originally for NYC but was given to HSJ so they can do some image repair after the scandal.

And as I mentioned to Chris above you it's not like HSJ doesn't have recent songs that are cutesy, just they haven't been A-sides for their more recent singles. And the article really only mentions a new song, nowhere did I see the word for single in it.

@ Anonymous

Well HSJ does still do cute songs, they just usually have a 'cool' song for their A-sides. And there's no word on how this song will be released on CD so personally I'm reserving judgment.

@ Kismy

I'm excited. I like HSJ's cute songs and I like the sound of this song. Plus we don't know if it really will be the A-side to a new single or not and they can do double A-sides as well.

I'd be happy to see the boys performing on TV again soon for promotions. And like you I'm interested in what their sales will be like for their next single.