19 July 2011

Kanjani8 to be first group in 24hr. TV drama SP

It's been announced that the drama SP that Murakami Shingo will be starring in will have all seven members in it. The drama is for the upcoming NTV 24hr. program and this is the first time in the show's history that all members of a host group have appeared in the drama special.

Tokyo Graph article.

On another tangent I actually decided to check out the first episode of Ikemen Desu Ne and so far I enjoy it. I'm a fan of the more lighthearted dramas and while I won't say it's amazing it's still good fun fluff. I was surprised to see the members of They Budou in it and unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the older back dancing groups to recognize if M.A.D. or M.A.D.E. were the other back dancers shown in the drama. But if you're a fan of They Budou I would recommend watching if only for the locker room scene.


Ani2 said...

I also enjoyed watching Ikemen desu ne !
I really like the girl and I didn´t expect Tamamori to act that good. Well, I´m not saying that those 3 are really good actors but I didn´t think before, that Tamamori would act quite good as he is doing in this drama (but this is also the first time I see him acting..)

I was just a bit disappointed by the low rating of 10.9. It´s a nice drama, so why so low? Hopefully it will get better for the second episode.

Jackie said...

Wow, can´t wait to see K8 acting together !

As for Ikemen desu ne, so far I totally like it. The cast looks pretty good and it really didn´t disappoint me.
But I have to admit that I´ve never watched the Korean version of it, so I can only say that I like the story and everything there.
Only the manager is a bit annoying.. too much overacting for me.

Oh, I didn´t know about the rating. So it´s 10.9 ?
Considered that the cast are almost newbies (Kisumai still haven´t debuted yet, the girl is also new and Hikaru is not that much exposed in Jump),
I think that this rating it not THAT bad. Also, it was a 2 hour episode, so I think it´s okay.
But of course, since I enjoy this drama a lot so far, I would have loved to see a higher rating.
I really wish that the rating won´t drop like Hana Kimi 2.

Speaking about ratings:
Who are the japanese people who rate the drama? Are those just normal people who get asked?
And if for example the drama gets a really low rating, how does this affect the TV channel or the agency of the actor? Does it mean , money gets lost? What are the consequences?
Do you know about it?

Sorry for asking too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I haven´t watched Ikemen desune yet. But you say that They Budou have a short appearance there? Omg, I have to see this XD
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Kyaaa, Ikemen desu ne is just too cool, I LOVE it XDD
And Tama-chan is soooo handsome and acting quite good !
The dressing scene with 4U and They Budou was just Kyaaaa XD

Oh my, such a good drama !

Chris said...

Excited for Kanjani´s drama SP !

Is it really Tamamori yuta singing the songs in A.N.Jell? Because I liked his voice in the song in the first episode.
But then I wonder, why is he almost never getting any solo parts in Kisumai?
Taipi is playing such a kind character, totally love it XD

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

Well the ratings went up a bit with the second episode and that's what's most important, an increase in ratings during its run.

Not to mention the cast is relatively unknown to much of Japan so I think they're doing just fine.

@ Jackie

I haven't watched the Korean version either but I'm enjoying the Japanese version.

From what I understand all TVs in Japan are hooked up to some kind of network that tallies ratings. So when the ratings are 10.9 then that means 10.9% of the population of Japan watched the program.

I'm not sure about the other things though. I think it's probably not different than in the U.S. that sponsors may not be willing to sponsor a show anymore if they don't think they'll get enough people to watch, though how that works in the kind of system Japan has with very few of its dramas having more than one season I'm not sure.

@ Anonymous #1

I was surprised to see them there too, as there was no promotion for them in the drama at all, but I checked the credits to make sure and it's definitely them.

And you're welcome.

@ Anonymous #2

It's surprised me a bit with how much I enjoyed it. And the eye-candy is definitely a big plus.

@ Chris

It should be Tamamori singing, and it sounds like him to me. I think it's the fact that Kisumai has had Fujigaya and Kitayama as main vocals for so long and that Tamamori didn't start getting a lot of promotion until his Gokusen role that they just haven't had enough newer songs that have given him solo lines since then. I'm sure this will change with future releases.