29 July 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 Tokyo Dome concert

It has been announced that Kis-My-Ft2 will be having a concert at the Tokyo Dome on August 28th.

Johnny's net. (Japanese only.)

I'm so proud of them. Performing in the Tokyo Dome is a big feat and it shows that Johnny's has enough faith in them for being able to fill such a large venue. And I can only imagine how the boys will feel being able to be the main performers there instead of back dancers finally. I really wish I could be there with them for this big step in their careers.

I also can't believe it's less then two weeks before their debut single is released. It seems like a dream.


Jackie said...

Wow, Tokyo Dome?!
It´s sooo great !
Too bad I can´t be there either but as a fan, I would prefer the bit smaller venues like Yokoyama Arena, Osaka Jo hall etc.
Well, Tokyo Dome must be really great but it´s really big and you are too far away from the idols.
But anyway, the atmosphere must be awesome there and for Kisumai it´s a big step being able to perform there as a debuted group and not as background dancers anymore.

Two weeks until debut release, then finally they won´t be Juniors anymore!

Thennary Nak said...

Well the kind of show you can do at a dome compared to an arena is a bit different so I think it's worth it to see an artist performing in either.

I hope they're finally moved out of the Junior section of Johnny's net then. It doesn't seem right for them to be there any longer.

Anonymous said...

So proud of them,they deserve it !!!
Thanks for sharing those news ~

Ani2 said...

Tokyo Dome so shortly after debut is not so common in JE, right?
The more I feel happy to read that !!!
Kis-my-ft2 have a steady fanbase already, so they can fill the dome definitely. I wish I could see the show, but I live too far away from Japan.
But maybe the japanese news will show some footage of the concert.

Hisu-chan said...

Isn´t it a bit too early for them to perform at Tokyo Dome?
Sure, Kis-my-ft2 have a steady fanbase already but wouldn´t it be better if they would have the dream to perform at TD, work hard for it and aiming for that???
And a bit later after the debut to be able to reach their dream of performing there finally?
I don´t know how this huge venue is seen in Japan , but I always had the image that holding a concert there is a really big and great deal. Or am I wrong?

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I'm proud of them too. Though I think I'll be more proud on the second time they perform there as it should really be only on their on merit then.

@ Ani2

Even if they don't fill it I think they'll still do a good job in getting a lot of seats filled. As you said they do already have a big fan base and I'm sure the fans that can make it will try to make sure it's a success for them.

@ Hisu-chan

Considering that HSJ had their debut concert there right after their first single I'm really not that surprised. I do have the feeling that they'll do better with filling the venue than HSJ as they are more established and have proven to be able to fill arenas already with their previous tours pre-debut.

It is a big deal and this concert doesn't mean that it can't still be an aim for the group. I doubt they were invited to perform, which is the big thing for artists, so they can still work at getting popular enough to perform there as an invited group and not one that had their agency pay for it. Like with HSJ and how their 2009 Tokyo Dome concert meant so much for them as it really showed how they were able to gain so many more fans. And then of course there's the aim of having concert tours in the domes over the arenas or halls so they still have other things to strive for when it comes to touring.