15 July 2010

SMAP & Kanjani8 new singles up for pre-order

One piece of news I missed is the new SMAP single This is love scheduled to be released on August 4th. The title track is penned by Japanese group LOVE PSYCHEDELICO and the single will come in three versions.

This is love [Regular Edition] / SMAP

I really question the need for this version of the single as everything on it is on the LEs and I don't think a different jacket image is really worth buying a single for. Especially when there are less song track on the RE than on the LEs.

This is love [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / SB version] / SMAP

The LEs have three songs with karaoke tracks as well a DVD. The different versions seem a bit confusing though as it isn't really explained the difference between each but here is the SB version.

This is love [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / SS version] / SMAP

The SS version is pretty much the same except for the DVD content.

Also since last night the pre-order information for the new Kanjani8 single Life - Menomae no Muko e - is now out as well as full information about the release. This single will also come out in three editions.

Life - Menomae no Muko e - [Regular Edition] / KANJANI8

The RE will contain a bonus track not on the LEs and will have a making of photo booklet with the first press of the RE.

Life - Menomae no Muko e - [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A] / KANJANI8

The first LE type is the usual DVD with PV and making of.

Life - Menomae no Muko e - [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B] / KANJANI8

The second LE type has the continuation of the Prologue of Patch (#5-8) DVD.

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