16 July 2010

Johnny's wants to hear from you.

On my daily visit to Johnny's net I discovered something that I felt was well worth sharing. On the main page for the site they have recently put up a video for PLAYZONE which shows a rehearsal of the ROAD TO PLAYZONE song. It is the full song instead of just a clip, but it's actually not the most exciting part for me.

What really took me by surprise, pleasantly I may add, is that underneath the clip there is a comment field where Johnny's net not only asks for feedback about it in both Japanese and English. In fact the entire comment form is bilingual in both Japanese and English. It also has options for you to put your country and city in as well.

If there is anything that can prove that Johnny's is aware of an international fanbase this is it. And I think it's great that they are letting non-Japanese fans have a say in something.

For those who may have trouble finding the video, as it has its own button to press I made screen cap and drew in arrows to show what you need to click for this to come up.

Of course I do hope if other foreign fans send in comments they do remember that this is mainly for feedback for the PLAYZONE video so they should at least say something about it instead of just asking for things like concerts in their country by other Johnny's artists alone. I think Johnny's would appreciate it. Also I'm sure the answers to Nationality and City will be enough to help them see where there might be enough interest to have their groups/talents go in the future.


AimxAim said...

This is actually really exciting.
Jin's concerts in America and this point to possible world tours for some Johnny's artists. I guess Johnny finally realizes it's time to send his acts to other places other than Asia. I look forward to seeing if any overseas concerts happen because of this.

Thennary Nak said...

I think Johnny's has been very slowly moving towards doing world tours for awhile. They are doing more Asia tours and they seem to have noticed that the boys do have foreign fans.

I'm looking forward to see if there will be more overseas concerts myself.