04 January 2011

News round-up

Well after the excitement of the New Year's shows things look to have settled down news-wise for most Johnny's artists. So I'm just going to do a quick round up of the little news bits that have surfaced since.

Hey! Say! JUMP had their concerts down in the Yokohama Arena after New Year's. Not much out of the ordinary for them but it is being reported that there was a mention by Johnny himself that he's thinking about having them go to Asia beginning this year.

Tokyohive article. (English)

Personally I see an Asia tour being possible but probably won't happen until the second half of the year. In March everyone but Ryutarou will be out of high school and turning 18, which will finally include Yamada and Chinen who are two members of the group that Johnny's doesn't seem like to do without for HSJ group activities. So with them with a much more flexible schedule, especially if they don't go to college, I think we can see more activity from HSJ this year and the group doing more than the usual concert schedule they've pretty much had since their debut. Also if Johnny's is gearing up to debut a new group then having HSJ move on to the international stage a bit will help give them something to hype HSJ with and their first Asia tour would be perfect for that.

Next news item is a quick update about Tackey's current butai. It gets the honor of being the first show of the year for the Imperial Garden Theater's 100th anniversary. The article also mentions that according to Tackey he chose Nakayama to be his co-star for the play, in which they play brothers.

Tokyohive article. (English)

Even though I know Tackey loves including Juniors in what he does and that I do think Nakayama is talented I do doubt that it was completely Tackey's idea for Nakayama to co-star with him. But in any case I'm glad to see Nakayama a part of this production as I think working with not only Tackey but also Nishikiori Kazukiyo (Shounentai) should be a great learning experience from two Johnny's that have been working so long in the industry.

And then the other article is just some of the rating numbers for Kouhaku have come out. The highest rated performer of the night was SMAP with 48.9% but Arashi was able to pull in little over 43% viewership for their performance and overall the ratings for the program were considered strong with a raise in ratings for the second half of the program despite a drop in the first half compared to last year.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I want to say congrats to both of those groups. In the next couple of days I'm guessing we'll get the ratings for everyone else, which I'm interested in to see how TOKIO and NYC did.


HSJ4ever said...

If HSJ are really touring through Asia , that would be awesome ! But since I don´t live in Asia, it´s not concering me LOL

I think it´s a big honour for Yuma to play aside with Takki but surely not only Takki chose Yuma to co-star with him, and then getting the second main part.
As we all know, Johnny favours Yuma a lot and I read that Kitagawa is the stage director. So it´s no surprise.
But I´m really happy for Yuma. I seriously think he´s a really talented boy, especially in acting and he also sings really nice.
And this production seems to be really huge, so yeah,it´s a great chance for him.

Anonymous said...

You said "In March everyone but Ryutarou will be out of high school and turning 18" but aren´Chinen , Yamada and Yuto still in High School in 2nd grade?? and Chinen will turn 18 in November ..
So the international tour sounds so exciting and I would be really glad about that (pleasseee come to Taiwan, I´m hereeee!!), but I doubt Johnnysan will let them doing this tour, while some members are still under 18.
But since Johnny said that, hmm maybe they´ll do it in the end of this year ?!
Let´s see what happens.
But hopefully coming to Taiwan is planned too, hehe :D

About Takizawa Kakumei: there is so much hatred towards Yuma right now in other communities and blogs, that really hurts. Poor Yuma.
It seems as if other Junior fans don´t like to see Nakayama to become the "next generation".
Yes, maybe there are some Juniors who have more talent in some parts, for example like dancing but Yuma is really good in my eyes. He has something special and JE see that and give him more chances than other Juniors.
Yuma is the right choice in my opinion, he´s a wonderful actor and singer.
Those other fans are just jealous because it´s Yuma again who gets favoured and not their fav Juniors.
Yuma deserves it so much, I´m supporting him.

SMAP is so amazing! They got even higher votes than Arashi. Congrats !!!

Anonymous said...

Yamada, Yûto and Chinen are still in 2nd year of high school, so they still have one more year left...

For Yûma, I don't think either that it was entirely Takki's choice to have him in the Kakumei being that important but well...

Thennary Nak said...

@ HSJ4ever

Well I see an Asia tour as the precursor to a larger tour in the future, kinda like how KAT-TUN has done an Asia tour and now are aiming to do a World tour this year. So eventually they could end up performing somewhere close to where you are.

Johnny's playing favorites is really nothing new so I don't mind them doing so with Yuma. Of course it helps that I am a fan of his. But I think these kinds of opportunities is also so he can get known outside of Osaka unlike most of the Kansai Jrs that not many Jr fans will know because they don't get seen often.

@ Anonymous 1

Yea, I screwed up the school years for them. I think I got confused with the Western school terms that would have everyone but Chinen and Ryutarou done with school this year.

If they do an Asia tour I wouldn't be surprised that the under 18 members are left behind to make it easier. Of course this all depends on when they'll have the tour as it's been said in concert reports that they have announced that they're doing SUMMARY again this year which means that it'll most likely be a winter tour if they do an Asian tour this year.

I try not to get hung up about those who hate on Yuma. I can understand that not everyone is bound to like him as everyone has different tastes but some people just take it too far. But honestly if they don't have anything better to do than to hate on him then it's their problem as there are much better things to do, IMHO.

SMAP is amazing, especially for a group being around as long as they have yet will being so popular.

@ Anonymous 2

I got confused with the school years but you're right. I guess at least I remembered their correct ages. >.>;;

Kismy said...

Do you know already the ratings for NYC? I´m interested to know!

Thennary Nak said...

I haven't found them on any official website but a J-pop message board I frequent has numbers posted for everyone but I can't see where they got their numbers. But if they are right then NYC was 38% and TOKIO was 41.5%. And it looks like NYC would be the second highest rated act in the first half with that as from the list AKB48 was the only one that beat them.

But as I mentioned I didn't see an official source connected to these numbers so take it with a grain of salt until someone can find verification for them.