22 December 2010

Sad news, Happy news & a rumor

Looks like I need to catch up for what I missed by not posting yesterday.

First off is some sad news about Shounentai's Uekusa Katsuhide. It has been announced that he is divorcing his wife of 16 years. From an interview the divorce is from the growing differences between them. Uekusa is also the father of Uekusa Yuta, who joined Johnny's as a Junior but has been missing since earlier in the year.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

It's sad to see a relationship end, especially as they had known each other since high school. But I guess this would explain why Yuta disappeared.

In some positive news the song list for Kohaku has been announced. The songs that the Johnny's artists are performing are:

Arashi - 2010 Kouhaku Original Medley
NYC - Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, Yuuki 100%, NYC
SMAP - This is love '10 SP Medley
TOKIO - advance

And then there's a rumor that on February 9th NYC will be releasing their next single. Of course until there is either pre-order information up or one of the official Johnny's websites say so I wouldn't treat it as fact.


Anonymous said...

There´s a rumour NYC will release a new single soon?? First I thought: "OMGGG, sooo fast??" But now when I think about it, I think it´s no true.
Well, Yuma is doing Takizawa Kakumei until end of January and I can´t imagine , they´ll be releasng a single 10 days after that or so. They didn´t have time to shoot the PV etc.
But I can really imagine them releasing something in March or April maybe..
It´s so obvious that Johnny is doing this for Yuma. Well, HSJ just released their single the other day..
Since I like Yuma, I would be really glad to see him in a new PV but.. I hope JE change their style of music. Those children songs don´t fit 17 year olds .

About Kouhaku: I´m so looking forward to arashi´s medley XD
But why is NYC performing Yuuki 100% and NYC again? They already performed it last year.
hopefully, they won´t use the same costumes with those lights like last year. Please Johnny, noooo !!
Anyway´, can´t wait to see Kouhaku.

Jackie said...

It looks kind of funny: there are the big big Johnnys groups at Kouhaku and then in between, a very young and still not that popular group NYC ^^

About the rumour: well, even if it´s not February 9th, I´m pretty sure NYC will release something soon,since they appear on Kouhaku.
It really makes me wonder: why is JE holding so strong on those group? I mean, if you watch the oricon charts of 2010, where is NYC? Compared to other Johnnys bands they sold kind of bad.
But for me it seems like Johnny doesn´t care about the figures, he really believes in those three.

I really like every member but for me, the group "NYC" doesn´t work.
For example , I liked that Yuma w/B.I.Shadow thing much more, and I think Yuma should be in a group where he is either the leader or soloist. Yamada and Chinen should stay with HSJ.
If Johnny is really doing this for Yuma, then he shouldn´t let him stay in a "special" group but debut with his real group.

Hopefully someone will upload Kouhaku in the net since I don´t have japanese TV.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

Well there's no saying that they haven't already shot the PV or will before the New Year. And since the rumor had a full track listing for the single there's probably a good chance they would have done all recording for it before their schedules began to conflict too much.

Well I don't think they'll have the same costumes as last year as for lives like Kouhaku they usually like to use something new. I really wish I was in Japan this year to watch the show live again, it's too hard to wake up around 2AM to watch a show for me.

@ Jackie

I think the best theory I've heard about NYC being on Kouhaku is that they appeal to a younger demograph than the other artists so they give the young kids watching the program something they can enjoy as most other acts are geared towards teens and older. To me it makes sense as Kouhaku is meant to be able to be watched by the whole family, from little kids to grandparents.

I think Johnny's just wanted a group for a younger audience and it was a bit hard to do with HSJ as they were already progressing towards a more 'mature' sound and look. If you look at what NYC has released they've been pretty cutesy songs that seem to aim for young fans so Johnny's probably finds it easier to just use NYC for these releases than using Junior groups or other debuted groups that may not fit with the image they want.

I do want Yuma to debut in a group of his own, it doesn't seem fair that he's being stuck looking like a tag along with NYC. But I have the feeling if he does debut with another group NYC won't go away completely.

Anonymous said...

Didnt yuma already made a debut with b.i.shadow? Wouldnt it make more sense to be a solo act.. kinda like takki(tackey and tsubasa) and yamapi(news).. And still be active with current groups. I dont mind yuma with 7west thou, they are so adorable.. and the hilarious. Kansai boys rulez.