19 October 2010

Tokyo Juniors Vs. Kansai Juniors

Johnny's net has updated with information about a Junior concert event at NHK Hall on Novmeber 27th. It seems Johnny's is willing to spend some money on the Kansai Juniors and will be bringing some over to participate in the two concerts scheduled for that day which are titled A.B.C.-Z + Tokyo Juniors Vs. Nakayama Yuma + Kansai Juniors. Well there's a little more before that but I'm feeling dead tired right now so I don't want to do a full translation but it more or less ends up translating to a 'East/West song battle, East/West Juniors gathering'.

I really wish I would be in Japan for this, especially considering how rare it is to have a group of Kansai Juniors perform in Tokyo. Hopefully there will be a fan who knows English that will go and give everyone a report for the concert.


Meowsama said...

thank you for the news
soo expecting for it

LoveYuma said...

This is sooo cool !! Kansai JR´s in Tokyo !! I imagine, how excited they must be to perform there but also nervous,because it´s Tokyo where the Kanto Jr´s normally perform.
I´m really looking forward to Yuma´s performance since I´m a big fan of Yuma.
Hopefully, we´ll be able to see this event in the internet soon...