24 October 2010

Kazama Shunsuke to star in Visual Kei film.

It's been announced that Junior Kazama Shunsuke will be starring in an upcoming movie where he will play the lead singer of a visual kei band. The movie has already begun filming and is scheduled for a theater release in Japan in February of 2011.

Tokyograph article.

I'm happy for him, as it's probably a good sign that Johnny's is changing in a way that even if one doesn't debut in a singing group that their career with the agency is over or that they won't get the chance to find another way to stand out and be recognized.

Of course I can't help but wonder that if Yamashita Shoon was still with Johnny's if he would be following in the foots steps of Toma and now Kazama and get the chance to become an acting Johnny's.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

I´m looking forward to the movie !!!