13 October 2010

KAT-TUN - Change UR World single

It's been rumored for a while but finally there is official news for KAT-TUN's next single after their last album. The single is titled Change UR World and will be used as the new theme song for Going! Sports & News and will be released November, 17th. It also seems to be a return to KAT-TUN's more rock-pop sound as it boasts "lots of guitar rifts" and drumming by Korn's Ray Luzier.

Like KAT-TUN's more recent singles this will come in three editions. The first LE type comes with only the title track as well as a DVD with the PV, making of, and documentary from the summer concerts of 2010. The next LE has four songs in total, the title song, another group song and then the solo songs for members Ueda Tatsuya and Taguchi Junnosuke. Then the RE will have two B-side group songs on it that aren't on the LE, one being set up for fans of the group to learn to sing at their concerts next year.

Change UR World [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type 1] / KAT-TUN

Change UR World [Limited Edition / Type 2] / KAT-TUN

Change UR World [Regular Edition] / KAT-TUN


Anonymous said...

YAY for KAT-TUN !! I hope it´s really going to be a more rock-pop style again, like Lips for example. I always thought "This is KAT-TUN´s style", so I hope it´s true..

Anyway, it´s nice to see KAT-TUN releasing a PV again ^^

Thennary Nak said...

I agree. I really would like them to return to their rock-pop style, as I haven't cared much for their dance-pop songs that they've been doing recently.